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Used Trough Belt Conveyor Equipment

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This type of conveyor has a rubber belt. Some trough belt conveyors have metal guards that slope out in a “v” shape. Some trough belts are curved into a “v” shape instead of having metal guards. These conveyors deposit materials into a trough, and are able to convey at an incline. They are helpful when moving loose material in bulk.

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Cleated 66" L x 23" W Hot Water Bath Conveyor
Inventory #: B9181

Used Cleated 66" L x 23" W Hot Water Bath Conveyor with: Belt: 23 inches wide Cleats: 19 inches wide x 3 inches high Cleats spaced 24 inches, center to center Trough: 8 inches deep Exit...

18" Wide x 112" Long V-Belt Conveyor
Inventory #: B6039

Used 18" x 120" Trough Conveyor with: Smooth belt Baldor .5 horse electric conveyor motor Product flows left to right Conveyor belt set at 112 inches length x 18 inches width Adjustable...

96 Inch Long x 10 Inch Wide Trough Belt Conveyor
Inventory #: A7775

Used Food Grade 96 Inch By 10 Inch elevated Belt Conveyor: Trough belt to convey loose product 10 inch wide conveyor belt 96 inch long conveyor belt Capable of being elevated Baldor motor...

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Nercon Trough Conveyor w/o Belting
Inventory #: A5507

Used Nercon trough conveyor with: Stainless steel frame Mennekes HDI disconnect switch Upright rollers 42 inches apart 18 inch gap in between the rollers 21 inch rollers where the conveyor goes...

V-Trough Custom Built Belt Conveyor
Inventory #: A2482

Used V-Trough Custom Built Belt Conveyor with: V-Trough belt conveyor used to convey cylindrical product and ensure that it won't move or fall over. The "V" shape allows the product to settle...

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