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Used Sortation, Laning, Orienting and Transfer Equipment

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Sortation machines can be put into three categories: maintained orientation line sorting, right angle line sorting, and loop sortation. Maintained orientation machines keep the object being sorted in the same orientation; if a box is going down the line lengthwise, it will continue to go down the line lengthwise after sorting. Right angle line sorting changes the orientation of the product, which can save space for storage. Loop sortation machines have a continuous loop that deposits products by tipping them off trays or rolling them off belts. Some conveyors have more than one belt on them which creates different lanes. Transfer conveyors create a smooth way to transfer products onto other conveyors to prevent damage.

ACHPC-022 photo
AC Horn Cantrell ACHPC-022 Dual Lane Collator
Inventory #: C9834

Used AC Horn Cantrell ACHPC-022 Dual Lane Collator with: Double lane collator Allen-Bradley MicroLogix 1500 controls Allen-Bradley PowerFlex 40 drives Infeed conveyor dimensions: 28 inches long...

Mettler-Toledo Hi-Speed Magna-Switch Conveyor
Inventory #: D2034

Used Mettler-Toledo Hi-Speed Magna-Switch Conveyor with: Conveyor dimensions: 38 inches wide x 85 inches long Platen dimensions: 1.5 inches long x 4.5 inches wide Stainless steel construction Lexan...

Coastline 90° Infeed Conveyor
Inventory #: D2076

Used Coastline 90° Infeed Conveyor with: Conveyor dimensions: 120 inches long x 16 inches wide 1,2 or 3 Lane adjustable Variable speed drive Adjustable legs

Bridge SCA-18/40 Stainless Steel Shuttle Conveyor
Inventory #: D1080

Used Bridge Stainless Steel Shuttle Conveyor with: Conveyor length: 120 inches Conveyor width: 18 inches Adjustable height: 32 - 38 inches Adjustable speed

RS 200-8 photo
MW RS 200 Eight Lane Capsule Sorter
Inventory #: D1172

Used MW RS 200 Eight Lane Capsule Sorter with: Stainless steel construction Clearance between rods is adjustable from 0.0 to 12.5 millimeter Speeds of up to 90,000 capsules per hour

DS-5 photo
Seidenader DS5 Automatic Tablet Sorter
Inventory #: D1173

Used Seidenader DS-5 Automatic Tablet Sorter with: Capacity: depending on product, up to 120 kg hour tablets, up to 450 kg per hour hard candy and chiclets Adjustment of the sorting channels manually or...

Triple Stacked Conveyor with Sortation Chutes
Inventory #: C9193

Used Triple Stacked Conveyor with Sortation Chutes with: 30.5 inch wide bottom conveyor From ground to top of lowest conveyor: 41.5 inches Top conveyor: approximately 16 inch wide x 160 inch long conveyor...

Stainless Steel Cleated Conveyor
Inventory #: C9198

Used Stainless Steel Cleated Conveyor with: Cleat centers: 13.5 inches Feed height: 42.5 inches Stainless steel construction Welded tubular frame Casters

S-302008 photo
Orics 6 feet Sorting and Laning Conveyor
Inventory #: C8325

Used Orics 6 Feet Sorting and Laning Conveyor with: Belt is 3 feet wide by 6 feet long 40 inches in height 1/2 Horsepower baldor motor

Hartness 270" Laning Conveyor
Inventory #: C7099

Used Hartness 270" Laning Conveyor with: Set up for 3 lanes each 3.5 inches wide Conveyor dimensions: 18.25 inches wide x 270 inches long x 41 inches high Adjustable height Three 2 horse power...

Safeline 24 Inch Wide Laning Conveyor
Inventory #: C5285

Used Safeline 24 Inch Wide Laning Conveyor with: Two (2) units are available Plastic mesh belting 24 inch width 31.75 inches in length 40 inches in height

Sea-Tec Sorting Conveyor
Inventory #: C5652

Used Sea-Tec Sorting Conveyor with: Four out feeds Out feed dimensions: 10.25 inches wide x 31.75 inches high Four rolling lanes Stainless steel construction Previously used for shrimp

6SXZ-60LD photo
Hefei Meiya CCD Belt Type 60LD Color Sorter
Inventory #: C4758

Used Hefei Meiya CCD Belt Type 60LD Color Sorter with: High-resolution, full color RGB CCD belt sorter base 2 high resolution RGB CCD cameras High density ejectors (120 ejectors) to sort different...

Hosokawa Product Separation Spreader Conveyor
Inventory #: C4840

Used Hosokawa Product Separation Spreader Conveyor with: 14 sets of two conveyor bands Drive motor On casters for ease of mobility

ACHPL030 photo
AC Horn 2 Lane Collator from VFFS to Hand Packing
Inventory #: C2848

Used AC Horn Double Lane Collator with: Application: lanes bags and collates into groups from single vertical bagger outfeed to hand packing station Allows for two people packing at the same time with...

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