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Used Elevating Conveyor Equipment

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This type of conveyor includes any type of conveying system that is designed to raise or lower materials to different heights during the packaging and processing operations. Some common types of elevating conveyors include inclines, spiral conveyors, vertical belts, bucket conveyors and elevators.

D4-10BF photo
Durand Wayland D4-10BF Incline Conveyor Bin Filler
Inventory #: D4387

Used Durand Wyland D4-10BF Conveyor with: Conveyor width: 12 inches Infeed height: 36 inches Cleats: 6 inches tall Cleat centers 6 inches Discharge height to bin: 55 inches

Stainless Steel 2 HP Incline Conveyor
Inventory #: D5494

Used Incline Conveyor with: Conveyor width: 24 inches Infeed height: 29 inches Outfeed height: 90 inches 2 horsepower Baldor motor Welded tubular frame

AMRI 6 Tier Pita Cooling Spiral Conveyor
Inventory #: D5539

Used AMRI Pita Cooling Spiral Conveyor with: Conveyor width: 16 inches Infeed height: 13 inches Outfeed height: 56 inches 6 tiers Previous application: pita production

Hytrol 14" Wide Case Belt Incline Conveyor
Inventory #: D5526

Used Hytrol Case Belt Incline Conveyor with: Infeed conveyor dimensions: 14 inches x 42 inches Infeed height: 20 inches Incline section dimensions: 14 inches wide x 137 inches long Outfeed section...

Rapistan Demag Power Incline Belt Conveyor System
Inventory #: D4056

Used Rapistan Demag Power Incline Belt Conveyor System with: 1625 feet 52 drops 10.5 W x 80 L cat walk high rise 3 belt drives 3 incline ramps belt driven Ramps (2 - 20 ft and 40 ft) 3 - 90 degree...

57" L x 154" H Bucket Conveyor
Inventory #: D5102

Used incline Bucket conveyor with: Size approximately 57 inches length x 57 inches wide x 154 inches height Eriez vibratory infeed conveyor 7 inches wight x 17 inches length x 3 inches deep Buckets...

135" High Incline Bucket Conveyor
Inventory #: D5103

Used Incline Bucket Conveyor with: Plastic dimple buckets 10 inches wide x 5.5 inches length x 3 inches deep Doerr .5 horsepower belt driven electric motor Winsmith speed reducer Approximately...

TCMM-L photo
Whipple TCMM-L 8" W x 70" L Incline Belt Conveyor
Inventory #: D4881

Used Whipple TCMM-L Incline Belt Conveyor with: Belt dimensions: 8 inches wide x 70 inches long Adjustable infeed and discharge angle Variable belt speed Casters

22.5" W Steel Mesh Cleated Incline Conveyor
Inventory #: D4676

Used Cleated Incline Conveyor with: Conveyor belt width: 22.5 inches Cleat centers: 6 inches Discharge height: 82 inches Steel mesh belt Motor horsepower: .75 Infeed height: 17 inches Adjustable...

67" H Cleated Incline Conveyor with Hopper
Inventory #: D4678

Used Cleated Incline Conveyor with Hopper with: Cleat centers: 5 inches Conveyor belt width: 10 inches Cleat height: 1 inch Attached hopper Discharge height: 67 inches Stainless steel construction...

34" H x 8" W Cleated Incline Conveyor
Inventory #: D4675

Used Cleated Incline Conveyor with: Conveyor belt width: 8 inches Discharge height: 34 inches Cleat centers: 11.75 inches Intake height: 6 inches Stainless steel construction Casters

IKA 4 photo
Kleenline IKA 4 Cleated Incline Conveyor
Inventory #: D4682

Used Kleenline IKA 4 Cleated Incline Conveyor with: Discharge height: 111 inches Intake height: 33 inches Cleat centers: 6 inches Conveyor width: 12 inches Stainless Steel construction Welded...

6" W x 96" L Cleated Incline Conveyor
Inventory #: D4811

Used Cleated Incline Conveyor with: Conveyor dimensions: 6 inches wide x 96 inches long .33 horsepower motor 4 inch cleat centers Cleat height: 1.75 inches Infeed height: 8 inches Discharge...

Cleated Incline Conveyor with Hopper
Inventory #: D4748

Used Incline Conveyor with Hopper with: Hopper dimensions: 37.5 inches wide x 37.5: inches long x 17 inches deep 6 inch centers Centers Height: 1 inch Outfeed height: 96 inches Discharge height:...

1200-300-C4 photo
Ryson Downward Counter Clockwise Spiral Conveyor
Inventory #: D4850

Used Ryson Spiral Conveyor with: Infeed at 10 feet 6 inches high Outfeed at 2 foot 6 inches from ground level Elevation change: 8 feet Downward direction descending counter clockwise 6.5 turns...

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