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This type of conveyor uses a series of buckets to transport materials. Bucket conveyors have large cavities that can be filled with product, then sloped or lifted vertically. A chain on either side of the belt is used to move the belt and lift the buckets. Some bucket conveyors have free hanging buckets that are pinned to the chains on either side. Usually bucket conveyors make an “S” or “L” shape. Both styles of bucket conveyor are often used for transporting loose product in bulk.

PA-082-18-C photo
Meyer Machinery PA-082-18-C Bucket Elevator
Inventory #: D5617

Used Meyer PA-082-18-C Bucket Elevator with: Infeed length: 80 inches Overall height: 30 feet Discharge height: 27.5 feet 3 horsepower motor Bucket dimensions: 10.5 inches long x 18 inches...

124 Inches High Stainless Steel Bucket Conveyor
Inventory #: D7037

Used Bucket Conveyor with: Bucket dimensions: 15 inches wide x 4.5 inches long x 2.5 inches deep Infeed height: 34.25 inches Discharge height: 124 inches Push button controls Stainless steel construction...

Bucket Conveyor with Dump Hopper
Inventory #: D6317

Used Bucket Conveyor with Dump Hopper with: Bucket dimensions: Width: 25 inches Length: 21.5 inch Depth: 17 inches Overall height: 118 inches Hopper dimensions: 32.5 inches x 32.5...

Incline Bucket Conveyor in C Configuration 154" H
Inventory #: D5102

Used incline Bucket conveyor with: Size approximately 57 inches length x 57 inches wide x 154 inches height Eriez vibratory infeed conveyor 7 inches wight x 17 inches length x 3 inches deep Buckets...

Bucket Conveyor 135 Inch H Incline Z Configuration
Inventory #: D5103

Used Incline Bucket Conveyor with: Plastic dimple buckets 10 inches wide x 5.5 inches length x 3 inches deep Doerr .5 horsepower belt driven electric motor Winsmith speed reducer Approximately...

16 Foot Long By 16 Foot Tall Bucket Conveyor
Inventory #: D1545

Used 16 Foot Long By 16 Foot Tall Bucket Conveyor with: Stainless steel frame Variable speed Dimensions Height 16 feet Length 16 feet Bucket width 10 inches Overall width...

16 Foot Z-Frame Bucket Elevator
Inventory #: C9185

Used 16 Foot Z-Frame Bucket Elevator with: 16 foot discharge height 24 inch wide buckets 3 foot long feed section 4 foot long discharge section Mild steel frame with top mounted drive (motor not...

14 Foot Tall Bucket Elevator
Inventory #: C9167

Used 14 Foot Tall Bucket Elevator with: 14 foot height Chain conveyor relays buckets up elevator

Stainless Steel Bucket Lift
Inventory #: C9036

Used Stainless Steel Bucket Lift with: Stainless steel tubular frame .75 horse power motor Lift dimensions: 234.5 inches long x 24.5 inches wide Bucket width: 14.75 inches

Deamco Stainless Steel Bucket Elevator
Inventory #: C7965

Used Deamco Stainless Steel Bucket Elevator with: 18 inch wide buckets Discharge height: 11 feet Bottom section length: 79 inches Reach: 74 inches

Allen 17" Wide Bucket Conveyor
Inventory #: C2880

Used Allen Bucket Conveyors with: Buckets approximately 6 inches long x 16 inches wide x 5 inches deep Curved buckets Infeed floor tangent is 152 inches long Top of bucket at infeed from floor is...

CBT-U photo
Frazier CBT-U Product Bucket Conveyor Elevator
Inventory #: B9355Rental Option

Used Frazier and Son CBT-U Bucket Conveyor with: Bucket dimensions: 9 inches x 10 inches Struck volume per bucket: 500 cubic inches Usable bucket volume: 375 cubic inches Bucket speed: 60 buckets...

Orthman Elevating Bucket Conveyor
Inventory #: C1125

Used Orthman Centrifugal Elevating Bucket Conveyor with: 4 of these units are available priced individually Conveyors are 70 feet tall Out side dimensions of the conveyor are 55 inches x 27 inches...

Cremer 87' Long x 36" Wide Z Bucket Conveyor
Inventory #: B9288

Used Cremer 87' Long x 36" Wide Z Bucket Conveyor with: Designed to have scales or feeders sitting over infeed section which deposit product into buckets through 6.375 inch long x 5.75 inch wide...

TT-500 photo
Unitrak TT-500 Bucket Conveyor for Loose Product
Inventory #: B5959

Used Unitrak TT-500 Bucket Conveyor with: Infeed size of 15 inches wide x 29 inches long 6 inch diameter outfeed Outfeed sits 119 inches from ground 18 inch wide x 14 inch long product...

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