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Some elevators move like a ferris wheel and are used for lifting or lowering product. A conveyor pushes the product on a pad, then the pad goes up or down and deposits the product onto another conveyor. On their way back to pick up more product, the pads turn sideways to save space.


Other elevators have two chains on either side of a conveyor with ledges attached to those chains. When the chains cycle around, the ledges work together to pick up a box. A pallet vertical reciprocating conveyor loads product into compartments, then lifts or lowers the whole compartment.

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Omega Corp BETA HPR W/ Elevating Conveyor

Used Omega elevating conveyor with: Cleated: Cleat centers: 8 inches Cleat height: 2.75 inches Discharge height: 96 inches Stainless steel construction Electrical: 90 volts, 60 Hz...

AMBEC Stainless Steel Lowerator Air Rinser

Used AMBEC Lowerator with: Lowerator, also known as a gripper elevator Adjustable elevator width: Minimum: 2.125 inches Maximum: 12.75 inches Belt width: 3.5 inches Intake height:...

Stainless Steel Vertical Lift Conveyor

Used Vertical Lift Conveyor with: Stainless steel construction Enclosed conveyor Lexan covers Bottom motor drive Missing plastic product buckets

Maschinpex Tablift 110" Discharge Elevator

Used Maschinpex Tablift with: 110 inch discharge height Little floor space Safe and gentle feeding of downstream packaging machines Simple synchronisation GMP design in stainless steel and FDA approved...

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