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This type of conveyor uses positive or negative air pressure to move or lift products and materials. Generally the air conveyor is enclosed, as air conveyors are commonly used to move ash, dirt, sand, and powders. They can also move small parts.

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Krones PET Bottle Neck Ring Air Conveyor

Used Krones Air Conveyor with: Neck style grip feed Automatic changeover iPanel operator HMI Dimensions of pieces (all 1 foot width): 35 foot length with two air blowers (2) 10 foot 4 inch length...

130 Foot Air Conveyor

Used 130 foot long Air Conveyor Last ran PET bottles varying from: 10.5 ounce bottles to 48 ounce bottles Mounted by floor Not available until September 2022

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Used Schick Auto-Jet Collector Flour Dispenser

Used Schick Auto-Jet Collector Flour Dispenser: Stainless steel construction Last used to dispense flour Butterfly discharge: Diameter: 11 inches Discharge: 56 inches Toledo...

Roe Manufacturer Air Duct Conveyor

Used Roe Manufacturer Air Duct Conveyor with: 3 sections: 45 degrees 96 inches long x 21 inches wide x 12 inches tall Conveyor area: 9 inches wide x 2 inches tall Adjustable height and...

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