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This type of roller conveyor does not include a power source to turn the roller surface. The roller shafts are mounted on bearings that allow them to turn freely. A gravity roller conveyor uses item weight and gravity to move products over the rollers and down the conveyor, which is typically set at a downward angle.

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Best Flex Accordion Style Gravity Roller Conveyor

Used Best Flex Roller Conveyor with: Overall dimensions: Contracted length: 85 inches Expanded length: 300 inches Width: 32 inches Height 31 inches Roller width: 0.5 inches Centers:...

(2) Hytrol Gravity Roller Conveyors 32.5"W x 43"L

(2)Used Hytrol Gravity Roller Conveyors With: Hinged gates Conveyor dimensions (each): Length: 43 inches Width: 32.5 inches Rollers: Diameter: 2 inches Centers:...

90 Degree Gravity Roller Conveyor 60" L X 13" W

Used 90 Degree 60" L X 13" W Roller Conveyor with: Conveyor: Width: 13 inches Length: 60 inches Curve: 90° Guard rail: Height: 1 inch Working...

Nercon Gravity Roller Conveyor 27.5' L x 8" W

Used Nercon Long Stainless Steel Gravity Conveyor 27.5' L with: Outfeed: Length: 287 inches Width: 8 inches Infeed: Length: 44 inches Width: 8 inches...

Gravity Roller Conveyor 70" Long x 15" Wide

Used Gravity Roller Conveyor with: Conveyor dimensions: 70 inches long x 15 inches wide Conveyor height: 28 inches Roller diameter: 2 inches Roller centers: 3 inches Painted mild steel construction...

Orion Pallet Gravity Roller Conveyor 57" L x 52" W

Used Orion Pallet Gravity Roller Conveyor with: Conveyor dimensions: 57 inches long x 52 inches wide Conveyor height: 18 inches Roller centers: 4.5 inches Roller diameter: 3.5 inches 4000...

87" Skatewheel Roller Conveyor

Used Roller Conveyor with: Rollers dimensions: Approximately Length: 87 inches Width: 17 inches Discharge dimensions: Approximately Height: 25 inches Overall dimensions: Approximately ...

Gravity Roller Conveyor 24" Wide

Used Gravity Roller Conveyor with: 15 Sections of gravity roller conveyor Dimensions per section: Width: 24 inches Length: 120 inches Roller size per section Diameter: 1.38 inches ...

FKI Logistex Complete Conveyor System 1000 Feet

Used FKI Logistex Complete Conveyor System 1000 Feet with: Previously spread out over an 1,000 foot area Belt conveyors Roller conveyors Incline conveyors Skate wheel conveyors Control panel...

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