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Used Tunnel Oven Equipment

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A conveyor oven moves product through a tunnel style oven to bake it evenly. The constant motion of the conveyor ensures that each product bakes for the same amount of time. The speed of the conveyor determines the bake time.

PS-360 photo
Middleby Marshall Dual Chamber Gas Conveyor Oven
Inventory #: D6983

Used Middleby Marshall Oven with: Dual baking chambers with independent controls Per chamber: Baking capacity: 12.1 square feet Heating zone: 54.5 inches Conveyor width: 32 inches Maximum...

DZ55II photo
CTX DZ55II Dual Deck Conveyor Oven
Inventory #: D6961

Used CTX Conveyor Oven with: Designed to cook, bake or broil Dual chambers include: Stainless steel chain link belt Belt dimensions: 82 inches long x 18 inches wide Chamber dimensions:...

PS640G photo
Middleby Marshall PS640G Direct Gas Fired Oven
Inventory #: D6482

Used Middleby Marshall Direct Gas Fired Oven with: Baking area: 9 square feet Belt dimensions: Width: 33.5 inches Length: 76.5 inches Heating zone: 40.5 inches Maximum operating...

132" L x 32" W Gas Tunnel Oven
Inventory #: D5297

Used Tunnel Oven with: Belt dimensions: 132 inches long x 32 inches wide Discharge height: 32.5 inches Tunnel height: 7 inches Natural gas heat 2 blowers

PS3506-1 photo
Middleby Marshall PS360 Dual Tunnel Pizza Oven
Inventory #: D5797

Used Middleby Marshall Tunnel Oven with: Dual tunnel conveyor pizza oven Temperature range: 200 - 600 degrees fahrenheit Tunnel dimensions: 52.5 inches long x 34.5 inches wide x 4 inches high (2)...

MIDI photo
Unitherm Food Systems Midi Spiral Oven
Inventory #: D5794

Used Unitherm Food Systems Midi Spiral Oven with: 7 tier spiral Maximum product height: 7.5 inches Cooking surface: 24 inches wide Collapsed length: 153 feet Actual length: 241 feet ...

Natural Gas Pita 35" Wide Tunnel Oven
Inventory #: D5538

Used Pita Tunnel Oven with: Conveyor width: 35 inches Tunnel dimensions: 42 inches wide x 1 inch high Natural gas heat Wire mesh belt Previous application: pita bread

8700 photo
Lyco 8700 Rotary Cooking Cooling Blancher
Inventory #: D3978

Used Lyco Rotary Drum Cooker Cooler with: (3) Sections: 8 Foot long cooking drum Transfer zone 24 Foot long cooling drum Screen size: 3/8 inch perforation Stainless steel construction...

Impinger 1132 photo
Lincoln Impinger 1132 Conveyor Oven
Inventory #: D3785

Used Lincoln Impinger 1132 Conveyor Oven with: Stainless Steel Top, Front and Sides 28” (711mm) Long Baking Chamber Front Removable Fingers Stackable Up To Three High 18” (457mm) Wide...

Megador 6.20.6 photo
WP Bakery Group Megador Multi-Deck Tunnel Oven
Inventory #: D3499

Used WP Bakery Group Megador Multi-Deck Tunnel Oven with: Automatic rack unloader Oven loader Oven with 6 baking levels Deck dimensions: 10.8 meters x 2 meters Total baking surface: 129.6 square...

TG50 photo
Belshaw TG50 Thermoglaze Donut System
Inventory #: D3258

Used Belshaw TG50 Thermoglaze Donut System with: Application: re-heats and glazes pre-fried frozen donuts and other baked goods Capacity/speed: up to 75 donuts per hour Two switch operation: oven and...

QT14 photo
Holman QT14 Conveyor Sandwich Warmer
Inventory #: D3017

Used Holman QT14 Conveyor Sandwich Warmer with: Conveyor dimensions: 14 inches wide x 41 inches long Variable speed conveyor Food grade, stainless steel construction Single viewing window Electric...

TSB photo
Italforni TSB Electric Stone Conveyor Oven
Inventory #: D1423

Used Italforni TSB Electric Stone Conveyor Oven with: Maximum temperature: 850 degrees Fahrenheit Interior dimensions: 26 inches wide x 45 inches long x 5 inches high Capacity: up to 163 12" pizzas...

PS250 photo
Middleby Marshal PS250 Gas Ovens
Inventory #: D1624

Used Middleby Marshall Conveyorized Gas Ovens: Thirty two (32) inch wide linked wire conveyor belt Variable belt speed 550 degrees fahrenheit maximum temperature 165,000 BTU / HR 80" Backing...

2020 photo
Turbo Chef 2020 Table Top Conveyor Tunnel Oven
Inventory #: C8330

Used Turbo Chef 2020 Table Top Conveyor Tunnel Oven with: 20 inch wide x 45.5 inch long linked wire conveyor 2 inch tunnel height Touchpad controls Eight cooking profiles Independently-controlled...

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