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Heat tunnels in this category have openings ranging in size from six inches to 10 inches. Heat tunnels or shrink tunnels heat air around a package that is wrapped in shrink film. The heat causes the shrink film to form a tight seal around the product. Heat tunnels are usually designed with a conveyor belt to carry the product through the tunnel. Each tunnel has adjustable temperature controls. Shrink tunnels are useful for making multi-packs, as well as heat shrinking tamper evident bands on products.

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Eastey EET2010 10 Inch Aperture Heat Shrink Tunnel

Used Eastey Heat Shrink Tunnel Infeed: 36 inches Aperture: Width: 24 inches Height: 10 inches Conveyor width: 16 inches Overall dimensions: Width: 40 inches Length:...

Traco Super Sealer L-Bar Sealer with Heat Shrink Tunnel

Used Traco L-Bar Sealer and Heat Shrink Tunnel with: Infeed height: 33 inches Seal bar dimensions: Width: 15 inches Length: 18 inches Tunnel aperture: Height: 7 inches Width:...

Weldotron 7221 Heat Shrink Tunnel

Used Weldotron Tunnel with: Aperature dimensions: Width: 22 inches Height: 8 inches Conveyor dimensions: Width: 20 inches Discharge height: 32.5 inches Single blower chamber Variable...

T-7XL photo
Shanklin T-7XL Heat Shrink Tunnel

Use Shanklin Heat Tunnel with: Tunnel aperture dimensions: Approximately Length: 42 inches Width: 20 inches Height: 9 inches Conveyor dimensions: Approximately Length: 132 inches Width: 15...

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Shanklin Heat Tunnel 21" Wide x 8" Tall

Used Shanklin Shrink Tunnel with: Tunnel Opening: Height: 8.5 inches Width: 21.75 inches Tunnel length: 41.5 inches Conveyor dimension: Length: 58 inches Width: 15 inches Height from ground:...

T-7XL photo
Shanklin Stainless Steel T-7XL Heat Tunnel 21" W x 7" H

Used Shanklin Heat Tunnel with: Stainless steel tunnel Width: 21 inches Length: 42 inches Height: 8 inches (7 inches effective) Steel mesh conveyor belt Width: 15 inches Length: 58 inches...

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Shanklin T-6XL Stainless Steel Shrink Tunnel

Used Shanklin T-6XL Shrink Tunnel with: Working aperture: Width: 18 inches Height: 7 inches Tunnel length: 30 inches Adjustable conveyor height: 28 to 40 inches Conveyor speed: up to 66 feet...

T-7XL photo
Shanklin T-7XL 8 Inch Tall Heat Shrink Tunnel

Used Shanklin Heat Shrink Tunnel with: Single chamber Analog controls Tunnel dimensions: Length: 42 inches Width: 22 inches Height: 8 inches Nylon wire mesh conveyor: Width:...

T-9 photo
Shanklin T-9 36"W x 6.5"H Heat Shrink Tunnel

Used Shanklin T-9 Heat Tunnel with: Aperature: Width: 3 feet Height: 6 inches Tunnel: Length: 46 inches Conveyor: Length: 77 inches Width: 27 inches Infeed Height: 35 inches...

T-62 photo
Shanklin T-62 Dual Chamber Heat Shrink Tunnel

Used Shanklin T-62 Heat Tunnel with: Aperture: Width: 17 inches Effective height: 8 inches Tunnel length: 61 inches Cooling tunnel length: 27 inches Conveyor belt width:...

T-7 photo
Shanklin T-7 HeatTunnel 22" W x 8.5" H

Used Shanklin Heat Tunnel With: Aperture opening: Width: 22 inches Height: 8.5 inches Effective heat tunnel height: 6 inches Conveyor height: 40 inches Overall dimensions: Length:...

T-7XL photo
Shanklin T-7XL Heat Tunnel 22" W x 8.5" H

Used Shanklin T-7XL Shrink Tunnel 8.5"H x 22"W Aperture opening: Width: 22 inches Height: 8.5 inches Effective aperture height: 8 inches Belt width: 15 inches Overall...

2412TM photo
Signature Packaging Heat Tunnel 24" W X 9" H

Used Signature 2412-TM Heat Shrink Tunnel 24" W x 9" H With: Nylon mesh conveyor: Width: 24 inches Length: 72 inches Discharge height: 34 inches Heating chamber:...

T-7F photo
Shanklin T-7F Heat Shrink Tunnel 22"W x 8"H

Used Shanklin T7F Heat Tunnel with: Model: T7F S/N: T97373 Digital temperature reader Tunnel length: 42 inches Aperture dimensions: Height: 9 inches Width: 22 inches ...

T-7XL photo
Shanklin T-7XL Shrink Tunnel 8"H x 22"W

Used Shanklin T-7XL Shrink Tunnel 8"H x 22"W Aperture opening: Width: 22 inches Height: 8 inches Aperture length: 42 inches Belt width: ...

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