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Heat tunnels with openings smaller than 6 inches are used for shrink wrapping smaller products. Heat tunnels or shrink tunnels heat air around a package that is wrapped in shrink film. The heat causes the shrink film to form a tight seal around the product. Heat tunnels are usually designed with a conveyor belt to carry the product through the tunnel. Each tunnel has adjustable temperature controls. Shrink tunnels are useful for making multi-packs, as well as heat shrinking tamper evident bands on products.

TC-34M photo
Ketan TC-34M 3.5 inches Aperture Heat Tunnel
Inventory #: G1275Featured

Used Ketan TC-34M Heat Tunnel with: Aperture: Height: 3.5 inches Effective height: 3.5 inches Width: 6 inches Length: 22 inches Conveyor: Width: 4 inches Length:...

SK-200 photo
Doboy SK-200 18" Wide x 4" Tall Heat Shrink Tunnel
Inventory #: D8969Can Rent

Used Doboy SK-200 Heat Shrink Tunnel with: Tunnel aperture dimensions: 4 inches tall x 18 inches wide Tunnel length: 60 inches Digital temperature controls Conveyor dimensions: 12 inches...

MP-3515ST photo
Midwest Pacific MP-3515ST 6.5"H x 15"W Heat Tunnel
Inventory #: D9894

Used Midwest Pacific Heat Tunnel with: (2) 25 watt motors 5 kilowatt heater Conveyor dimensions 30 inches tall 15 inches wide 40 inches long Aperture dimensions 6.5...

7221A photo
Weldotron 7221A 22" W x 8" H Heat Shrink Tunnel
Inventory #: D4260

Used Weldotron 7221A 22" W x 8" H Heat Shrink Tunnel with: Tunnel dimensions: 22 inches wide x 8 inches high Single chamber Roller type conveyor Heavy-duty steel construction Variable...

2206 photo
C-Pak 2206 Shrink Tunnel
Inventory #: D2361

Used C-Pak 2206 Shrink Tunnel with: Baldor DV Drive - forward and reverse Variable speed Temperature control 40 Amp/ 220 V/3 Phase

STR 16 photo
Damark STR 16 Shrink Tunnel
Inventory #: C2613

Used Damark STR 16 Shrink Tunnel with: Aperture: approximately 7 inches high x 16 inches wide Tunnel is 24 inches long Temperature controlled by digital temperature controller 3200 watts heating...

Simpl-Seal 30-1GM photo
UV Curing Tunnel Partner Pak Simpl-Seal 30-1GM
Inventory #: C1142Can Rent

Used Partner Pak Simpl-Seal 30-1GM UV Light Curing Tunnel with: UV Light curing system Belt width of 29 inches x 37 inches tall Aperture width of 24 inches x 6 inches high Painted steel frame ...

Cavala Lipstick Flame Tunnel
Inventory #: B5813

Used Cavala Lipstick Flame Tunnel: 3 inches x 6 inches steel mesh conveyor Insulated stainless steel hood Vent Opposing side inspection windows in slide in fixtures Conveyor guide...

PP160620 photo
Preferred Packaging Heat Tunnel PP160620
Inventory #: A9411

Used Preferred Packaging Heat Tunnel with: Aperture: 14 inches wide x 5 inches tall Fully re-circulating air chamber 4 directional air flow State of the art AC variable speed drive Automatic...

7221 photo
Weldotron Model 7221 Heat Tunnel
Inventory #: A1989

Used Weldotron Model 7221 Heat Tunnel with :

TS-350TFS photo
Benison TS-350TFS Heat Tunnel
Inventory #: E9933

Used Benison TS-350TFS Heat Tunnel with:

T7XL photo
Shanklin T7XL Shrink Tunnel
Inventory #: E8913

Used Shanklin T7XL Shrink Tunnel with:

7121 photo
Weldotron 7121 Shrink Heat Tunnel Oven
Inventory #: E4211

Used Weldtron 7121 Shrink Tunnel 480 volt operation. In excellent condition

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