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Heat tunnels with openings smaller than 6 inches are used for shrink wrapping smaller products. Heat tunnels or shrink tunnels heat air around a package that is wrapped in shrink film. The heat causes the shrink film to form a tight seal around the product. Heat tunnels are usually designed with a conveyor belt to carry the product through the tunnel. Each tunnel has adjustable temperature controls. Shrink tunnels are useful for making multi-packs, as well as heat shrinking tamper evident bands on products.

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T-72 photo
Shanklin T-72 Heat Shrink Tunnel 5" T X 22" W

Used Shanklin T-72 Heat Shrink Tunnel 5" T X 22" W with: Output: Minimum: 25 feet per minute Maximum: Up to 150 feet per minute depending on size Aperture: Working Height:...

7112 photo
Weldotron 7112 Heat Tunnel 16" Wide x 8" Tall

Used Weldotron 7112 Heat Tunnel with: Dimensions: Aperture height: 8 inches Aperture width: 16 inches Variable conveyor speed Temperature range 100-550 degrees Fahrenheit Conveyor...

SM-1540 Heat Shrink Tunnel

Used SM-1540 Heat Shrink Tunnel with: Aperture dimensions: Width: 5 inches Height: 4.5 inches Working aperture width: 2.5 inches Conveyor dimensions: Length: 58 inches Width:...

Marburg Ind Heat Shrink Tunnel, 4" x 4" Aperture

Used Marburg Ind Heat Shrink Tunnel with Conveyor with: Aperture dimensions: Width: 4 inches Height: 4 inches Working aperture dimensions: Width: 2.5 inches Height: 4 inches...

T-62 photo
Shanklin T62 Dual Chamber Shrink Heat Tunnel

Used Shanklin T62 Dual Chamber Shrink Heat Tunnel with: Aperture dimensions: 17.5 width x 10 height (inches) Length of heating chamber: 61 inches Number of heating chambers: Two (2)...

Cavala Lipstick Flame Tunnel

Used Cavala Lipstick Flame Tunnel: 3 inches x 6 inches steel mesh conveyor Insulated stainless steel hood Vent Opposing side inspection windows in slide in fixtures Conveyor guide...

7221 photo
Weldotron Model 7221 Heat Tunnel

Used Weldotron Model 7221 Heat Tunnel with :

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