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American Foodservice Equipment Company (AFECO) engages in the sale of commercial foodservice equipment. AFECO is experienced in multi-unit operations, hospitals, schools, nursing homes, conference centers, hotels, prisons, individual restaurants and church kitchens.

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AFECO 510 37 Cubic Feet Dual Shaft Ribbon Blender
Inventory #: G1888Featured

Used AFECO 510 37.5 Cubic Feet Dual Shaft Ribbon Blender with: Capacity: 37.5 cubic feet or 1000 pounds Dual out-feed Discharge height: 4 feet Discharge width: 20 inches Food grade stainless steel...

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AFECO 510 7.5 Cu Ft SS Dual Shaft Paddle Blender
Inventory #: G2271

Used AFECO Blender with: Capacity: 7.5 cubic feet Agitation: Dual shaft Paddles: 8 per shaft Drive by 3 horsepower motor per shaft (2) Discharge ports: End mounted Flap gate...

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Afeco 2-3k Column Dump
Inventory #: D2565

Used Afeco 2-3k Column Dump with: 2 inch diameter heavy-duty screw drive 3 horse power brake motor 1,000 pound lift capacity Heavy-duty lift yoke with safety nut (safety feature) Two 3 inch diameter...

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AFECO 15 CF Double Ribbon Mixer
Inventory #: B6250

Used AFECO 15 CF Double Ribbon Mixer: Stainless steel construction Frame and legs Motor 5 horsepower Trough Center bottom outlet Manual slide gate valve ...

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