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Ampak was purchased by Heat Seal. Ampak's complete line of skin packaging machines is of the highest quality and the easiest to use and can function as standalone units or be integrated with automatic infeed and outfeed systems, along with die cutters to automate the skin packaging process. The Shipmate or Master skin packaging machines can also be used as thermoforming machines and coupled with a die cutter to create your own blisters. All Ampak skin packaging machines use the energy efficient patented Spirad™ instant heater elements. Ampak's Maxima vertical baggers combine quality and flexibility into one of the leading vertical bagging systems on the market. The Maxima bagger can be used as a stand-alone bagging unit or integrated into your custom bagging line. The Maxima vertical baggers are designed to run efficiently with all types of centerfolded film such as high and low density polyethylene, polyolefin and PVC shrink films. Ampak also offers a line of blister card sealing machines. The blister sealing machines are rotary units available in two station table units or four station floor models.

MP3036A photo
Ampak MP3036A Skin Packaging System
Inventory #: D3166

Used Ampak MP3036A Skin Packaging System with: Automatic in-feed, skin packer and discharge system Stationary oven with Spirad heating elements Variable time control for: Film heat Package...

SP1824B photo
Ampak SP1824B Blister Sealer
Inventory #: C9725

Used Ampak SP1824B Blister Sealer with: 18 inch x 24 inch working area Adjustable pre-heat, heat and cool package time functions Stationary oven with safety guard Variable speed turbine vacuum system...

SP1824B photo
Ampak SP1824B Skin Packager
Inventory #: C7466

Used Ampak SP1824B Skin Packager with: Platen size: 18 inches wide x 24 inches long Platen clearance: 9 - 20 inches Platen height: 40 inches Variable speed turbine vacuum system Adjustable pre-heat,...

PIA 3015 photo
Ampak PIA 3015 Semi-Auto Bundler
Inventory #: C3799

Used Ampak PIA 3015 Semi-Auto Bundler with: Air pressure: 60 Push button controls 34 inch wide sealing bar 35 inch wide x 36 inch long live roller infeed and discharge conveyor Operator control...

200-S photo
Ampak 200-S Vacuum Former
Inventory #: C1974

Used Ampak 200-S Vacuum Former with: 20 inch by 20 inch sealing area Top heat oven Digital temperature control

Max 1616 S PLC photo
Ampak Max 1616 S PLC
Inventory #: B9027

Used Ampak Maxi 1616S PLC Vertical Polyethylene Bagger with: Incline take-away conveyor Speed up to 50 per minute Seal area: 16 inches x 16 inches Foot pedal operation

Maxima SPC  Max 3416 photo
Ampak Max 3416 Vertical Bagging System
Inventory #: B3745

Used Ampak Max 3416 Vertical Bagging System with: Horizontal/Vertical seals: 16 inches wide x 34 inches length Film clamp opening: 3 inches Film capacity:...

Clearpack 1013B photo
Ampak Clearpack 1013B Blister Sealer
Inventory #: B3896

Used Ampak Clearpack 1013B Blister Sealer with: Two station tabletop blister sealer Adjustable seal time and seal pressure

Shipmate III photo
Ampak Shipmate III Skin Packaging Machine
Inventory #: A8799

Used Ampak Shipmate III Skin Packaging Machine with: 18 inch x 24 inch skin package PLC control Energy saving oven Variable speed vacuum system Larger skin area Adjustable pre-heat and cool...

MAX1616SPC photo
Ampak Maxima MAX1616SPC Bagger
Inventory #: A5852

Used Ampak Maxima MAX1616SPC Bagger with: Scrap rewinder Pneumatic hole punch PLC controls Multiple stack feed Heavy duty hot knife seal system with film clamps Works with high and low density...

MAX1616B photo
Ampak MAX1616B Maxima Vertical L-Bar Sealer
Inventory #: A4363

Used Ampak MAX1616B Maxima Vertical L-Bar Sealer with: Adjustable product loading, film clamp and seal bar dwell Multiple Stack Feed Simple and convenient setup and operation, no venting required ...

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