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APV markets and manufactures solutions and products used to process, blend, meter and transport fluids in addition to air and gas filtration and dehydration.

SIGMA offers liquefiers, tanks, heat exchangers and more.

APV SS Top and Bottom Enrober 42" Wide

Used APV Enrober with: Top & bottom enrober Conveyor: Vibrating belt Stainless steel mesh Dimensions (inches): 62 long x 42 wide Allen Bradley 523A VFD controls Product flow pan:...

Gaulin5-5.0BX photo
APV Gaulin5-5.0BX Homogenizer Emulsifier

Used APV Gaulin5-5.0BX Homogenizer Emulsifier with: Capacity: 400 liters per hour Motor power: 5.5 kilowatts Max pressure: 350 bar Machine weight: 400 kilograms

APV Pump with 5 Horsepower Reliance Motor

Used APV Pump with Reliance Motor with: Threaded infeed and outfeed: 3.5 inch diameter 5 horsepower motor Reliance gearbox Motor, gearbox, and pump mounted together on a stand

2830 photo
transver APV 2830 19" W 180 Degree Turn Conveyor

Used transver APV 2830 Turn Conveyor with: 180 degree left hand turn from infeed 3 belt system Conveyor width: 18.5 inches Center belt length: 37 inches Center belt width: 16 inches Two...

CCA photo
APV 160 Gallon Stainless Single Wall Mix Tank

Used APV CCA Mix Tank with: Tank dimensions: 21 inch straight side x 48 inch diameter Capacity: approximately 160 gallons Sweep agitation with mixing baffle Breather port CIP hook-up, sprayball...

APV SS 19.5"W x 12"T Dual Chamber Heat Tunnel

Used APV Stainless Steel Dual Chamber Heat Tunnel with: Dual chamber Aperture is 19.5 inches wide x 12 inches tall 15.5 inch wide x 87 inches long roller conveyor 1 horsepower Baldor electric conveyor...

APV 2000 photo
APV 2000 Stainless Steel Homogenizer 11L per hour

Used APV APV 2000 Homogenizer with: Capacity speed: 11 liters per hour Pressure rating: 2000 BAR Maximum pressure: 15 MPa Rated flow: 85.2 cubic decimeter per hour

300 Gal photo
APV 300 Gallon Stainless Steel Cooker Cooler

Used APV Cooker/Cooler with: Capacity: 300 gallons Jacketed: Coverage: cone bottom & sidewall Rated: 95 psi @ 350° Fahrenheit Agitation: Scraper blades Driven by 3...

200 Gal photo
APV 200 Gallon SS Pressure Wall Processor Tank

Used APV Mix Tank with: Capacity: 200 gallons Agitation: Top entering Lightnin' XJQ-65 propeller agitator Top mounted manway Bottom center discharge outlet CIP sprayballs ...

13-TBX photo
APV 13 TBX 111300 Lb Jacketed Roller Bar Mixer

Used APV Roller Bar Mixer with: Dough capacity: Minimum all dough: 650 pounds Maximum final dough: 1,300 pounds Maximum sponge dough: 650 pounds Jacketed: Water or glycol Maximum...

150 Gal photo
APV 150 Gallon SS Jacketed Liquefier Blender

Used APV Liquefier with: Capacity: 150 gallons Top mounted: Manway with cover Various sized inlets Jacketed 25 Horsepower Bottom tri-clamp outlet: 2.5 inches diameter All stainless...

TWCP-30 photo
APV Douglas TWCP 30 Wrap Around Case Packer

Used APV Douglas TWCP 30 Wrap Around Case Packer with: Production output rate: 300 per hour Case size dimensions: 22 inches minimum 28 inches maximum Pack pattern current setting:...

E 850 photo
APV Series E 850 Automatic Chocolate Enrober

Used APV Series E 850 Automatic Chocolate Enrober with: Conveyor belt width: 34 inches Waterfall application Waterfall width: 38.5 inches Stainless steel wire mesh conveyor belt Touch pad controls...

APV Crepaco 30000 Gallon Refrigerated Silo Tank

Used APV Crepaco Silo with: Capacity: 30,000 gallons Refrigerated Vertical orientation CIP and vent line CIP device Horizontal mechanical agitator 2.5 inch outlet 1.25 inch and .75 inch...

300 Gal photo
APV 300 Gal Stainless Steel Single Wall Liquefier

Used APV Liquefier with: Capacity: 300 gallons Top mounted: Manway Various inlets Bottom side tri-clamp outlet: 2.5 inches diameter Driven by 30 horsepower right angle drive ...

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