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Aquafine is a provider of industrial fluid treatments using ultraviolet technology.

CSL-4R-TRI-C photo
Aquafine Untraviolet Continuous Liquid Sterilizer
Inventory #: G8056

Used Aquafine Ultraviolet Liquid Sterilizer with: Capacity: Clean/fresh water: up to 40 gallons per minute DI/RO Treated water: up to 50 gallons per minute Number of UV lamps: 4 Ports:...

Aquafine 6 Lamp Ultraviolet Disinfection Unit
Inventory #: G3660

Used Aquafine Disinfection Unit with: Application: water disinfection 6 ultra violet lamps 60 gallons per minute Inlet diameter: 3.5 inches Outlet diameter: 3.5 inches Stainless steel constructoin...

HX 08 FDL photo
Aquafine UV System HX 08 FDL Sterilizer
Inventory #: B7494

Used Aquafine UV System HX-08-FDL Sterilizer with: Utilized for ozone destruction and disinfection Utilize ultraviolet (UV) technology inactivate micro-organism or reduce chemical compounds present in...

RBE-20R/60 photo
Aquafine RBE-20R/60 Ozone Destruction System
Inventory #: B3180

Used Aquafine RBE-20R/60 Ozone Destruction System with: 3 HP Dual Cylinder Ozone Destruction Unit Includes two 10 bulb cylinders Destroy ozone(O3) in water using UV light The applied dosage level...

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