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Kaak Group offers bakery companies all over the world the equipment they require for the production of many types of bakery products.

SOT 36 photo
Benier SOT 36 SS 3 or 6 Pocket Dough Divider
Inventory #: G9394

Used Benier Dough Divider with: Output: 3 Pocket mode: 1,800 - 4,500 portions per hour 6 pocket mode: 3,600 - 9,000 portions per hour Scale range: 3 Pocket mode; 9 - 50 ounces ...

B8012 photo
Benier B8012 Dual Pocket Automatic Dough Divider
Inventory #: G9801

Used Benier Dough Divider with: Output: Two pocket mode: 2,000 - 3,200 portions per hour Single pocket mode: 800 - 1,600 portions per hour Scale range: Two pocket mode: 1 - 6 ounces...

B8411 photo
Benier B8411 Single Pocket Dough Divider
Inventory #: G9673

Used Benier Dough Divider with: Output: Scaling range: 1 - 38 ounces Up to 1,800 per hour, depending on dough & size Hopper: Stainless steel Capacity: 130 pounds ...

B8012 photo
Benier B8012 Stainless Steel Dough Divider
Inventory #: G9393

Used Benier Dough Divider with: Output: up to 1,600 portions per minute Scale range: Minimum: 10 ounces Maximum: 40 ounces Hopper capacity: 130 pounds Belt width: 12 inches Drive...

PR128112 photo
Benier PR128112 Overhead proofer
Inventory #: G6995

Used Benier PR128112 Overhead Proofer with: Output: 2,400 pieces per hour depending on size and dough Bread and roll infeed Pockets: 12/8 Process range: 1 ounce to 27 ounces Right hand discharge...

B84 LO photo
Benier B84 LO Dough Divider Rounder
Inventory #: G7002Featured

Used Benier B94 LO Single Pocket Dough Divider Rounder with: Last used for: bread Maximum portion weight: 3 pounds Minimum portion weight: 7 ounces Output rate: 8-20 portions per minute Hopper...

FPM photo
Benier FBM Stainless Steel French Bread Moulder
Inventory #: G6007

Used Benier Moulder with: French bread moulder Capacity/output: up to 1,800 pieces per hour, depending on dough type Process range: Minimum: 6 ounces Maximum: 3 pounds Conveyor width:...

Benier Conical Top Discharge Dough Rounder
Inventory #: G5142

Used Benier Dough Rounder with: Conical design 1.5 horsepower motor Discharge height: 41.5 inches 3 rounding tiers Bottom infeed Manual switches

CO5M photo
Benier CO5 Series CO5M Conical Rounder
Inventory #: D5088

Used Benier Conical Rounder with: Output rate: up to 6,000 pieces per hour Weigh range: 1 ounce up to 2 pounds Adjustable rounding teflon coated tracks V-belt drive Stainless steel covers Aluminum...

W240A photo
Benier Diosna W240A Wendel Spiral Mixer
Inventory #: D4942

Used Benier Diosna W240A Spiral Mixer with: Performance in dough: 240 kilograms Performance in flour: 150 kilograms Bowl capacity: 370 liters Unit to be rebuilt: Rewiring Modular plugs...

CO5S photo
Benier CO5S Conical Rounder
Inventory #: D2622

Used Benier CO5S Conical Rounder with: Application: to make round dough balls for pizza and for soft, delicate dough Adjustable rounding tracks Teflon-coated tracks Belt drive Aluminum-alloy cone...

B84L0, PR008121, B77E photo
Benier Bread and Roll System
Inventory #: C9982

Used Benier Bread and Roll System with: Divider-rounder Model: B84L0 2 pocket divider Scaling range: 12 to 18 ounces Output: 1200 pieces per hour, 20 pieces per minute Overhead...

C05S photo
Benier C05S Dough Rounder
Inventory #: C8154

Used Benier C05S Dough Rounder with: Produces round dough balls Approximately 5.5 inch wide rounded outfeed Push button controls Stainless steel contact parts Adjustable rounding tracks 1 horsepower...

Benier Cylindrical Dough Rounder
Inventory #: C8156

Used Benier Dough Rounder with: Simple push button controls Stands 6 feet tall Approximately 8 inches between flights Approximately 3.25 inch tall rails

PR 128111L photo
Benier PR 128111L Proofer
Inventory #: C8712

Used Benier PR 128111L Proofer with: 10 inch wide outfeed conveyor belt 76.75 inches from floor to top of outfeed conveyor 41 inches from floor to top of infeed Infeed lanes dough into two lanes...

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