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Brenton Engineering manufactures custom packaging machine. Brenton Engineering specializes in what is know as "end-of-line packaging" - or in other words, the final packaging before a product is shipped. Using the example of a product such as bottled water, Brenton can design and build a machine to wrap already-filled bottles in plastic shrink-wrap, and a machine to stack those cases on a pallet and another machine to wrap them with stretch wrap, making the bottles ready for shipping.

36 Palletizer photo
Currie Brenton 36 High Level Case Palletizer
Inventory #: C8102Featured Can Rent

Used Currie Brenton High Level Palletizer with: Designed to palletize cases using a down-stacker style palletizing method Originally quoted at 9.3 to 10.4 cases/minute Case size: up to 24 inches x...

TLKDCP photo
Brenton TLKDCP Case Packer for Clam Shell Trays
Inventory #: C1565

Used Brenton TLKDCP Case Packer: Last used for clam shell packaging Capable of running trays Top-Load Nordson glue unit Pick-n-place product loading Case size range: Length: 7.63...

LSP7 photo
Currie Brenton LSP7 High Level Case Palletizer
Inventory #: B5770Can Rent

Used Currie Full Case Palletizer with: High level palletizer Fully automatic 96" elevator height Complete with operator platform Automatic pallet dispenser Multiple configurations Positive...

1604 photo
Brenton Model 1604 Case Packer System
Inventory #: E4085

Used Brenton Casing System with: 2-laner, for creating two lanes of boxed frozen dinners Feeder to feed and stack two lanes of frozen meals into casing machine Casing machine includes flat erector,...

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