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Waukesha Cherry-Burrell, an SPX Brand, is a supplier of component equipment including pumps, valves, fittings, heat exchangers, and dispersion equipment. The company and its network of distributors are dedicated to raising productivity, product quality and profitability for their equipment and systems customers. From this dedication has come advancements in equipment development and applications; advancements that have changed the way food process designers solve problems.

6000 gallon photo
Cherry Burrell 6000 Gallon Stainless Steel Tank
Inventory #: G3187

Used Cherry Burrell Tank with: Capacity: 6,000 gallons Dish ends Manway with cover: End mounted Dimensions (inches): 16 x 20 Top inlets: (3) 3.5 inches diameter (1) 2...

500 Gal photo
Cherry Burrell 500 Gal Stainless Steel Liquifier
Inventory #: G3097

Used Cherry Burrell Liquifier with: Capacity: 500 gallons Top mounted: Main inlet: 6 inches diameter (6) Additional inlets: various sizes Bottom center outlet: 3 inches diameter Stainless...

VS400 photo
Cherry Burrell VS400 Continuous Ice Cream Freezer
Inventory #: G2643

Cherry-Burrell Ice Cream Freezer with: Output: 400 gallons per hour Refrigerant: ammonia Inlet: Diameter: 1 inch Bevel seat Outlet: Diameter: 1.5 inches Bevel seat ...

2200 Gal photo
Cherry Burrell 2200 Gallon SS Jacketed Mix Tank
Inventory #: G1861

Used Cherry Burrell Tank with: Capacity: 2,200 gallons Jacket: Coverage: full, side walls and bottom Rated: 100 psi @ -20 - 350° Fahrenheit Five zone system with external zone valves...

1500 Gal photo
Cherry Burrell 1500 Gal SS Jacketed Pressure Tank
Inventory #: G1724

Used Cherry Burrell Tank with: Capacity: 1,500 gallons Pressure ratings: Jacket: 50 psi @ 100° Fahrenheit Vessel: 50 psi @ 250° Fahrenheit Dish top and bottom Top mounted...

3000 Gal photo
Cherry Burrell 3000 Gallon SS Jacketed Tank
Inventory #: G1661

Used Cherry Burrell Tank with: Capacity: 750 gallons Jacket rated: 200 psi @200° Fahrenheit Includes: Side bottom manway: 20 x 16 inches Top mounted inlet: 2.5 inches diameter Side...

GVW photo
Cherry Burrell 3000 Gallon Stainless Steel Tank
Inventory #: D6968

Used Cherry Burrell Tank with: Capacity: 3,000 gallons Manway door: Side mounted Dimensions: 16 inches x 20 inches Top mounted inlets: (2) 3 inches diameter (3) 2 inches...

Cherry Burrell Insulated Tanks
Inventory #: D6513

Used Cherry Burrell Insulated Tank with: Capacity: 13,500 gallons Man way diameter: 20 inches Previous application: soft drink syrup Propeller agitation Food grade, stainless steel construction...

CV photo
Cherry Burrell CV 3000 Gallon Single Wall Tank
Inventory #: D6515

Used Cherry Burrell CV Tank with: Capacity: 3000 gallons Single wall construction Top mounted CIP 2 inch outlet Stainless steel construction

Cherry Burrell 90 Gallon Single Wall Tanks
Inventory #: D4150

Used Cherry Burrell Single Wall Tanks with: Tank dimensions: 27 inch diameter x 36 inch straight side Approximate capacity: 90 gallons Dome top Cone Bottom 36 inch diameter manway with lid ...

Cherry Burrell 300 G Double Motion Jacketed Kettle
Inventory #: D4628Rental Option

Used Cherry Burrell Kettle with: Capacity: approximately 300 gallons 316 stainless steel construction Dimensions: 54 inch diameter x 39 inches deep, with hemispherical bottom Full steam jacketed...

Cherry Burrell 3 x 600 Compartment Flavor Tank
Inventory #: D5520

Used Cherry Burrell 3 Compartment Flavor Tank with: Capacity: Total capacity: 1,800 gallons Per compartment: 600 gallons All stainless steel construction Dome top Slope bottom...

Cherry Burrell 4 x 300 Gallon Stainless Steel Tank
Inventory #: D5527

Used Cherry Burrell 4 Compartment Tank with: Capacity: Total capacity: 1,200 gallons Per compartment: 300 gallons Stainless steel construction Agitation: propeller with paddle (1)...

Cherry Burrell 5,000 Gallon Stainless Steel Tank
Inventory #: D4937

Used Cherry Burrell Sanitary Stainless Steel Tank with: Single wall, sanitary stainless steel tank Capacity: 5,000 gallons Dish top Dish bottom Tank dimensions: 7 foot, 6 inch diameter x 18 feet,...

SSP photo
Cherry Burrell SSP 1000 Gallon Mixing Tank
Inventory #: D3533

Used Cherry Burrell SSP 1000 Gallon Mixing Tank with: Single wall mixing tank Capacity: 1000 gallons Agitator: propeller Aster 3 HP, 440 V, 1725 RPM motor Tank dimensions: 77 inches diameter x...

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