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Waukesha Cherry Burrell, an SPX brand, is a supplier of component equipment to increase productivity, product quality and profitability.

SIGMA supplies single wall tanks, pressurized stainless tanks, ingredient feeders and more.

40 Gal photo
Cherry Burrell 40 Gal Stainless Steel Process Tank

Used Cherry Burrell Process Tank with: Capacity: 152 Liters 40 Gallons Jacketed: Coverage: 3/4 Rated: 100 psi @ 350° Fahrenheit Internal vessel rated: 50 psig @ 350°...

VP24-3 photo
Cherry Burrell SS Continuous Ice Cream Freezer

Used Cherry Burrell Freezer with: VOGT continuous ice cream freezer Capacity: Minimum: 200 gallons per minute Maximum: 800 gallons per minute At 100% overrun Single barrel Refrigerant:...

Cherry Burrel Double Motion Jacketed Kettle 50 Gal

Used Cherry Burrell Kettle with: Capacity: 50 gallons Double motion scrape surface agitation Jacket rated 150 PSI at 400 degrees Fahrenheit Hinged lid processor 1 horsepower agitation motor ...

10 photo
Cherry Burrell 10000 Gal Stainless Steel Mix Tank

Used Cherry Burrell Tank with: Vertical tank Capacity: 10,000 gallons Agitation: Lightnin' propeller Ratio 32.1 Driven by 2 horsepower motor Dish top, sloped bottom Side...

WPB photo
Cherry-Burrell WPB 500 Gallon Jacketed Tank

Used Cherry-Burrell WPB Tank with: Capacity: approximately 500 gallons Jacketed CIP spray-ball system Tank dimensions: 66 inch diameter x 48 inch straight side 19 inch diameter top manway with...

MEPDA photo
Cherry-Burrell MEPDA 930 Gal Batch Processor Tank

Used Cherry-Burrell MEPDA 930 Gallon Batch Processor Tank with: Capacity: approximately 930 gallons Tank dimensions: 66 inch diameter x 76 straight side Steam jacketed Hinged manway Dome Top...

HCIF photo
Cherry Burrell HCIF Auger Ingredient Feeder

Used Cherry Burrell HCIF Auger Ingredient Feeder with: Auger product feed Auger flights: 4 inches Discharge diameter: 4 inches Photo eye product inspection Product viewing window Infeed height:...

WPT photo
1000 Gallon Cherry Burrell WPT Sweep Jacketed Tank

Used Stainless Steel Tank with: Capacity: 1000 gallons Tank dimensions: 65 inch straight side x 72 inch diameter Jacketed Double motion mixing Sweep and emulsifier agitation Mixing agitation...

Cherry-Burrell 500 Gallon Tank Sweep Agitation
Can Rent

Used Cherry-Burrell 500 Gallon Tank with: Approximate capacity: 500 gallons Dimensions: 67 inch diameter x 32 inch straight side Sweep agitation system 3.0 horsepower agitation motor 17 inch...

1 photo
Cherry Burrell 1000 Gallon SS Jacketed Mix Tank

Used Cherry Burrell Mix Tank with: Capacity: 1,000 gallons Jacketed Agitation: Baffle Top entering sweep Drive motor included Top mounted: Various inlets Hinged manway ...

EHW photo
Cherry Burrell 8000 Gal Horizontal Coldwall Tank

Used Cherry Burrell Tank with: Capacity: 8,000 gallons Horizontal with dish ends Jacketed: 54 Ft² coldwall Previously used refrigerant: ammonia Agitation: Top mounted...

600 Gal photo
Cherry Burrell 600 Gallon SS Jacketed Mix Tank

Used Cherry Burrell Tank with: Capacity: 600 gallons Jacketed: Coverage: full Rated: 100 psi @ 350° Fahrenheit Agitation: Center baffle Side & bottom scraper blades...

1500 Gal photo
Cherry Burrell 1500 Gallon SS Vertical Mix Tank

Used Mix Tank with: Capacity: 1,500 gallons Agitation: Single shaft propeller agitator NOTE: requires drive motor Top mounted: Various inlets: (1) 1.5 inch diameter tri-clamp...

7000 Gal photo
Cherry Burrell 7000 Gallon SS Jacketed Tank

Used Cherry Burrell Tank with: Horizontal orientation Capacity: 7,000 gallons Jacketed: 50 Percent cold wall Ammonia or liquid refrigerant Top entering vertical agitation Front...

FHW photo
Cherry Burrell 6000 Gal SS Jacketed Storage Tank

Used Cherry Burrell Tank with: Horizontal orientation Capacity: 6,000 gallons Jacketed: Dimpled Glycol or water Agitation: Top entering Single shaft (2) Tiered 2-blade...

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