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Fomaco manufactures meat injectors for all types of meat curing, meat marinating and meat tenderizing applications. Injectors are used to marinate all kinds of boneless and bone-in meat, poultry and fish, and to inject brines and proteins into the product.

FGM 64F DC M3 photo
Fomaco FGM 64F DC M3 Stainless Steel Injector
Inventory #: G9562

Used Fomaco FGM 64F DC M3 Injector used: Pump capacity: up to 200 liters per minute Number of needles: 64 hyperdemic needles Needle bridge strokes per minute: up to 70 Maximum stroke height: 230...

FGM 26/52 photo
Fomaco FGM 26/52 Injector 52 Needles
Inventory #: G9147

Used Fomaco FGM 26/52 Injector with: 52 injection needles Adjustable speed Brine tank Conveyor belt is removable without tools Pump capacity: 55 liters (14.5 gallons) per minute Speed (strokes...

FGM 64 DC photo
FOMACO FGM 64F DC ME Automatic Injector
Inventory #: G6129

Used FOMACO FGM 64F DC ME Automatic Injector with: Brine filtration unit with rotary filter Dual bridge: each bridge requires 64 quadro hypodermic needles, measuring 1,6 millimeters Conveyor width:...

48 SW photo
Fomaco FGM 48 SW SS Meat and Poultry Injector
Inventory #: G3081

Used Fomaco Injector with: Output: up to 70 strokes per minute Includes: Brine tank Rotating filter and screens NOTE: needles not includled Conveyor width: 16.5 inches ...

FGM 88 SC photo
Reiser Fomaco FGM 88 SC Stainless Steel Injector
Inventory #: G1891

Used Fomaco FGM 88 SC Stainless Steel Injector with: 88 Needles Pump capacity: 104 liters per minute Pump model: Classic IC 20 Speed: 20-70 strokes per minute Conveyor belt advancement per stroke...

FGM 26/52 photo
Fomaco Stainless Steel FGM 26-52 Injector
Inventory #: B2898

Used Fomaco FGM 26/52 Injector with: Pressure equalizing tank with easy access for inspection and cleaning Gearshift for easy change of injection pattern Stainless steel waterproof box for electrical...

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