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Fristam is a manufacturer of high quality sanitary stainless steel pumps. Fristam pumps, mixers, and blenders can be found in the top beverage, brewing, bio-pharmaceutical and food processing companies.

FKL75 photo
Fristam FKL75 Positive Displacement Pump
Inventory #: D4317Can Rent

Used Fristam FKL75 Positive Displacement Pump with: Maximum output: 600 gallons per minute, depending on product Maximum pressure: 300 PSI Pipe fittings: 2.5 inches 5 horsepower motor Stainless...

FPR3451-240 photo
Fristam FPR3451-240 5 HP Centrifugal Pump
Inventory #: D4316Featured

Used Fristam FPR3451-240 Centrifugal Pump with: 5 horsepower motor Infeed diameter: 2.75 inches Outfeed diameter: 1.75 inches Stainless steel construction

FPR3532-140 photo
Fristam FPR3532-140 10 Horsepower Centrifugal Pump
Inventory #: D2022

Used Fristam FPR3532-140 Centrifugal Pump with: Infeed diameter: 3 inches Outfeed diameter: 2.5 inches 10 horsepower motor Stainless steel contact parts

FPR742-150 photo
Fristam FPR742-150 10HP Centrifugal Pump
Inventory #: D1551

Used Fristam 10 Horsepower Centrifugal Pump with: Infeed diameter: 2 inches Outfeed diameter: 1.875 inches 10 horsepower Reliance-Electric motor Never put into production, still in OEM shipping...

FP4001-300 photo
Fristam FP4001-300 Pump
Inventory #: C5406

Used Fristam FP4001-300 Pump with: Stainless steel pump face 17.5 inch diameter 4 inch diameter inlet 6 inch diameter outlet 25 horsepower Baldor motor 1180 rpm

FKL 50 photo
Fristam FKL 50 Positive Displacement Pump
Inventory #: B7181

Used Fristam Positive Displacement Pump with Fristam FKL50 Nord 3 horsepower electric motor Fristam pump max speed 600 rpm Maximum pressure 300 psi Maximum displacement 57.6 gallons per minute...

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