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Hobart is a manufacturer of food equipment products for cooking, food preparation, dishwashing, weighing and packaging.

Hobart’s products can decrease wasteful mistakes. SIGMA offers mixers, meat grinders and ovens that will save you time and money.

Hobart Commercial Mechanical Analog Floor Scale

Used Hobart Commercial Analog Floor Scale with: Analog reader 12 inches x 12 inches platform Mounted on mild steel base Maximum weight: 50 pounds

HCM 300 photo
Hobart HCM 300 Vertical Bowl Chopper

Used Hobart HCM-300 Cutter Mixer with: 30 quart capacity 5 horse power motor Magnetic start and stop controls 5 minute timer 90 degree bowl tilt mechanism Bowl pouring lip Bowl tilt lever...

CSD-2012E photo
Hobart CSD 2012E Single Rack Cooking Oven

Used Hobart Single Rack Cooking Oven with: Push button controls Single baking rack capacity "C" style rack lift Natural gas fired Stainless steel construction Digital temperature...

AM15T photo
Hobart AM15T Stainless Steel High Temp Dishwasher

Used Hobart Dishwasher with: Output: Hot water sanitizing: 58 racks per hour Chemical sanitizingn: 65 racks per hour 0.74 Gallons per rack final rinse water Timed wash cycles for 1,...

HCM 300 photo
Hobart HCM 300 7.5 Gallon Bowl Cutter Chopper

Used Hobart Bowl Chopper with: 5 horsepower motor 7.5 gallon (30 quart) capacity bowl with pouring lip Bowl tilt lever Start/stop rocker switches 5 minute timer with hold and jog settings

SDPE photo
Hobart SDPE 20 Gallon Salad Spin Dryer

Used Hobart 20 Gallon Salad Spin Dryer with: Capacity; 20 gallons Accommodates roughly 16 heads of chopped lettuce 5 minute spin timer 1/4 horsepower motor Drain pipe extension Mounted on casters...

VCM40 photo
Hobart VCM40 40 Quart Bowl Chopper Cutter Mixer

Used Hobart Cutter with: Capacity: Quarts: 40 Gallons: 10 Manual tilt with lever Locking cover with inlet for adding ingredients while mixing Stainless steel contact parts

MG-1532 photo
Hobart Model MG1532 Stainless Steel Mixer Grinder

Used Hobart Mixer Grinder with: Capacity: up to 40 pounds per minute Product: Fresh or frozen Tempered to 26° Fahrenheit or higher Drives: Mixer: 1.5 horsepower Grinder:...

M-802 photo
Hobart M 802 80 Quart Planetary Mixer

Used Hobart M802 Planetary Mixer with: Bowl capacity: 80 quarts Bowl included Gear-driven transmission 2 horsepower motor 15 minute timer

V-1401 photo
Hobart V 1401 140 Quart Planetary Mixer

Used Hobart Quart Planetary Mixer with: Capacity: 140 quarts Bowl included Attachments: Hook Beater Whisk Gear-driven transmission 15 Minute timer Four fixed speeds: up to...

V-1401 photo
Hobart V1401 140 Quart SS Planetary Mixer

Used Hobart Mixer with: Planetary mixer Capacity: 140 quarts Mix attachments: Hook Whisk Beater Stainless steel bowl guard Two Stainless steel 140 quart mixing bowls Gear-driven...

D 300 T photo
Hobart D300 30 Quart Planetary Mixer w Bowl

Used Hobart D300 Mixer with: 3/4 horsepower fixed speed motor Gear-driven transmission 15 minute mixing time 3 mixing speeds Open base 30 quart bowl capacity Beater and whisk mixing attachment...

V 1401 photo
Hobart V-1401 140 Quart Planetary Mixer

Used Hobart Quart Planetary Mixer with: Capacity: 140 quarts Bowl and bowl cart included Mix attachments: Beater Hook Whisk Gear-driven transmission 15 Minute timer Four...

VCM-40 photo
Hobart Manufacturing Company VCM 40 Bowl Chopper

Used Hobart Manufacturing Company VCM 40 Bowl Chopper with: Production output rate: 1750 rotations per minute 7.5 horsepower Capacity: 40 quarts / 10 gallons Agitation: ...

HCM-450 photo
Hobart HCM-450 12 Gallon Vertical Bowl Chopper
Can Rent

Used Hobart HCM-450 Vertical Bowl Chopper with: Bowl capacity: approximately 12 gallons Clear Lexan bowl covering 5 horsepower mixing motor Mixing baffle S-blade Stainless steel construction...

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