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New brand for Precision Stainless. Holloway America has researched, engineered, and reverse engineered ASME tanks, CNC machining procedures, and the other products and services that help bring customer's success. Holloway America has an unmatched set of manufacturing and CNC machining capabilities.

Precision Stainless 80 Gallon Tank
Inventory #: A2809

Used Precision Stainless Tanks with: 80 Gallon Tank Vacuum Design 15 psi Radius: 19.625" Inlet diameter: (1) 1.5" Outlet diameter: (4) 1" Made in U.S.A Last used for housing...

Precision Stainless 100 Gallon Tank
Inventory #: A2435

Used Precision Stainless Steel Tank with: 100 gallon capacity Vacuum design 15 psi Radius: 23.625" Inlet diameter: (1) 2.5" , (1) 1" Outlet diameter: (1) 2.5" Made in USA...

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