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Horix Manufacturing Company Horix is a packaging machinery manufacturer specializing in designing, manufacturing, testing and servicing filling machines with quality engineering design and construction based on nearly 100 years of filling equipment experience. Specilizing in filling systems for almost any liquid: sauces, juices, wines, distilled spirits, sports drinks, water, detergent, ketchup, mustard, maple syrup, cooking oil, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, automotive additives, cough syrup, anti-acids and countless other liquids. Horix filling technologies include gravity, gravity-vacuum, pressure, vacuum, volumetric, piston, level-sensing, counterpressure, net weight and are ideal for packaging liquids of all viscosities. In addition Horix offers a broad range of ancillary equipment such as Bottle Rinsers, Cappers, and Filler/Capper Monoblocs to complement Horix Liquid Filling Systems.

Horix 9 Valve Liquid Rotary Filler
Inventory #: B9763

Horix 9 Head Liquid Rotary Filler: Vacuum gravity filler for various viscosity of liquids 9 heads / pedestals, includes 18 nozzles Each pedestal head measures 8 inches long and the width tapes from...

Horix Stainless Steel 14 Head Rotary Vacuum Filler
Inventory #: A3772

Used Horix Stainless Steel 14 Head Rotary Vacuum Filler with: Rising tables 3/16in diameter nozzles Star Wheels Explosion proof Run from 100 bottles up to 150 bottles per minute

Hay photo
Horix 24 Head Model Hay Filler
Inventory #: A3132

Used Horix 24 Head Model Hay Filler with: Approximately 300 per minute Slotted turret base which enables the bowl and therefore the nozzles to be oriented with an offset neck bottle An oil quart fits...

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