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Inline Filling Systems, LLC Inline Filling Systems manufactures filling equipment for the food, beverage, chemical, cosmetic, and pharmaceutical industries. Bottle fillers for water thin, thick viscous, stringy, chunky, hot sanitary, foamy, corrosive, high value, high purity, and flammable products.

Inline Filling Systems SS Cleated Incline Conveyor
Inventory #: G9495

Used Inline Filling Systems Cleated Incline Conveyor with: Conveyor belt width: 9 inches Cleat centers: 9 inches Cleat width: 9 inches Discharge height: 70 inches Infeed height: 62.5 inches ...

Inline Filling System Bottomless Transfer Conveyor
Inventory #: G3766

Used Inline Filling Systems Bottomless Transfer Conveyor with: (2) 1/6 Horsepower motors Adjustable conveyor width (inches): 1 3/4 - 9 Belt height: 1.75 inches Variable speed drive: 1 - 100

Inline Filling Systems 8 Head Gravity Filler
Inventory #: G3367Featured

Used Inline Filling Systems 8 Head Gravity Filler with: 8 Heads Conveyor: Width: 4.5 inches Length: 10 feet Height: 39.5 inches Stainless steel construction .5 horsepower motor...

Inline Filling Systems Lidder with Cap Elevator
Inventory #: G3929

Used Inline Filling Systems Lidder with: Output: up to 150 bottles per minute Maximum lid size: 172 mm Last ran: 114 mm Conveyor: Length: 120 inches Width: 4.5 inches Dual side...

Inline 4.5" W x 15' L Plastic Table-Top Conveyor
Inventory #: G1669

Used Inline Plastic Table-Top Conveyor with: Width: 4.5 inches Length: 15 feet Height: 39 inches .5 horsepower motor Stainless steel construction

Stainless Steel 7 Head Inline Filling System
Inventory #: D8454Can Rent

Used Inline Filling System with: 7 nozzles Capacity: approximately 80 gallons Nozzles are 6.5 inches from conveyor Conveyor width: 4.5 inches (7) .5 horse power motors Stainless steel construction...

Inline Filling Bulk Cap Sorter Elevator
Inventory #: D6297

Used Inline Filling Bulk Cap Sorter Elevator with: Conveyor width: 23 inches Cleat centers: 6 inches .33 horse power Baldor motor Stainless steel construction Welded tubular frame

270015 photo
Inline 270015 Automatic 6 Head Filling Line
Inventory #: D2720Featured

Used Inline 270015 Automatic Filling Line with: Inline Filling Machine: Expandable filling heads Operator needed only for loading Semi Automatic Single Servo Pump Filling Machine ...

Inline Filling Systems Chuck Capper
Inventory #: C8721

Used Inline Filling Systems Chuck Capper with: Foot switch activated Single sized chuck Stainless steel construction Single capping head Currently set up for 20 millimeter (0.79 inch) cap

Inline Filling Systems 2 Head Filler
Inventory #: C8720

Used Inline Filling Systems 2 Head Filler with: (2) MasterFlex 77800-60 L/S Easy-Load Pump Heads Uses L/S tubing: 13, 14, 16, 25, 17, 18 (tubing not included) Twist-lock mounting feature...

FP8 photo
Inline Filling Systems FP8 8 Head Piston Filler
Inventory #: B2423

Used Inline Filling Systems FP8 8 Head Piston Filler with: Servo activated Automatic filling system Adjustable piston/cylinder system to provide volumetric dosed accurate fills Stainless steel frame...

Inline Filling Systems 4 Head Piston Filler
Inventory #: B2424

Used Inline Filling Systems 4 Head Piston Filler with: Automatic filling system Last filling 1 ounce to 16 ounce containers Two sets of adjustable pistons/cylinders to cover the full product range ...

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