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Interpack Interpack, a packaging company, manufactures a variety of packaging materials such as case sealers.

SIGMA Equipment supplies shrink sleeve applicators, heat tunnels and more.

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USA 2024-BB photo
Interpack USA 2024-BB Manual Top Case Taper

Used Interpack Manual Top Case Taper with: Minimum Package Dimensions: Length: 6 inches Width: 6 inches Height: 2 inches Maximum Package Dimensions: Length: Unlimited Width:...

Interpack Carton Sealer

Used Interpack Carton Sealer with: 2 inch tape head Belt speed: 82 inches per minute Conveyor dimensions: Length: 27 inches Width: 16 inches Carton size range: Maximum: ...

USA2324-TB photo
Interpack Top and Bottom Manual Case Taper

Used Interpack Top and Bottom Manual Tape Case Sealer: Top and bottom case taping 3 inch tape head Up to 30 cases per minute depending on application Self centering horizontal feed guides Reversible...

RSA 2024-TB/3 photo
Interpack RSA 2024-TB/3 Top and Bottom Case Taper

Used RSA 2024-TB/3 Case Sealer With: Belt speed: 82 feet per minute Minimum case size: Length: 6 inches Width: 6 inches Height: 5 inches Maximum case size: Length: no max length...

Intersleeve Fuji SS Steam Heat Tunnel 7" W x 21" H

Used Interpack Steam Heat Tunnel with: Aperture: Width: 7 inches Height: 21 inches Maximum temperature inside tunnel: 221° Fahrenheit Maximum temperature tunnel outside: 140°...

2024-TB/3 photo
RSA Interpack 2024 TB3 Top and Bottom Case Sealer

Used RSA Case Sealer with: Belt speed: 82 feet per minute Case size range: Minimum (inches): 7 long x 7 wide x 5 high Maximum (inches): infinite length x 20 wide x 24 high Case weight:...

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