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Lightnin was acquired by SPX. For 90 years SPX's Lightnin brand has been recognized as the leader in Mixing Technology. Our extensive knowledge base and dedication to continuous product development ensure efficient and reliable plant operations around the world. With our unsurpassed process application experitse, and state of the art analytical design tools we can solve virtually any mixing challenge no matter how complex.

X1P100 photo
Lightnin X1P100 Mixing Attachment
Inventory #: D5061

Used Lightnin X1P100 Mixing Attachment with: 24 inch long stainless steel shaft 1 horsepower motor 1725 revolutions per minute

XJSS-30 photo
Lightnin XJSS-30 Mixer
Inventory #: D1699

Used Lightnin XJSS-30 Mixer with: .33 horse power motor 1450 RPM Steel construction

ND4 photo
Lightnin ND4 Mixer
Inventory #: D2537

Used Lightnin ND4 Mixer with: 1.50 Hp - xp mixer clamp mount 230/460 volt, 3 ph, xp 1.5 Hp, 1760 rpm Gear reduced Flange for shaft mount

ND4 photo
Lightnin ND4 Mixer
Inventory #: D2536

Used Lightnin ND4 Mixer with: 3.50 hp mixer clamp mount 220/440 volt 10.6/5.3 amp 3 ph 3.5 hp 1725/1450 rpm

ND4 photo
Lightnin ND4 Mixer
Inventory #: D2534

Used Lightnin ND4 Mixer with: 1 + Hp mixer clamp mount Swivel base mount 230v, 3ph, 60hz 1 geared Newly painted and tested since picture was taken

ND-1 photo
Clamp-On Lightnin Mixer ND-1 Motor
Inventory #: C4149

Used Clamp-on Lightnin Mixer ND-1 Motor with: Motor only For use with a portable mixer

XJ 87 photo
Lightnin XJ 87 Clamp Mount Mixer
Inventory #: B6467

Used Lightnin XJ 87 Mixer: 1 horsepower Flange mount shaft included

ND4 photo
Lightnin ND4 Clamp Mounted Mixer
Inventory #: B6473

Used Lightnin ND4 Clamp Mounted Mixer: 1+ horsepower Swivel base mount Geared

Speedmaster photo
Lightnin Mixer Speedmaster Varispeed Agitator
Inventory #: B3197

Used Leeson Speedmaster Varispeed Agitator with: .5 horsepower Baldor motor Varispeed Propeller style mixing head Extended shaft

XD117AM photo
Lightnin Clamp Mount Mixer with Speed Control
Inventory #: B4068

Used Lightnin Clamp Mount Mixer with Speed Control with: 1.17 horsepower, 1740 rpm Direct drive

XD117 photo
Lightnin Clamp Mount Mixer Motor
Inventory #: B4067

Used Lightnin Clamp Mount Mixer Motor with: Direct drive 1.17 horsepower, 1740 rpm

XJ-30AM photo
34 Gallon Poly Tank and .30 HP Lightning Mixer
Inventory #: A3051Can Rent

Used 34 Gallon Poly Tank with: 34 Gallon capacity Poly plastic tank Mixer & Cart with controls Lightnin Mixer .30 Hp, rpm range 70-450. Serial Number pol337346-06. 230/460 volts, 1.3/.65 amps, 60 HZ, SF1.15....

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