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MAJA manufactures equipment including meat skinners, ice machines and portioning and cutting machinery for the food processing and refrigeration industries.

SIGMA Equipment provides fresh water flake ice makers, meat tenderizers and more.

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ESB 4434 photo
Maja ESB 4434 Stainless Steel Slicer Strip Cutter

Used Maja Slicer with: Application: vertical slicing of fresh boneless beef, veal, pork & poultry Output: pounds per hour dependent on product & application Cutting head assembly: Circular...

VBA 505 photo
MAJA VBA 505 Stainless Steel Skinning Machine

Used Maja Skinner with: Automatic operation Conveyor width: Infeed: 15 inches Outfeed: 15 inches Knife length: 16.5 inches Shaft cleaning system: mechanical, cleaning cone New drive...

ESM435 photo
Maja ESM435 Manual Skinner Derinder

Used Maja ESM435 Manual Skinner Derinder with: Application: removing mainly strong, fresh and smoked fish skins, like codfish, plaice, sole and herring, but also for removing the silver skin and for deep-skinning...

RVE 3100 SL photo
Maja RVE 3100 SL Fresh Water Flake Ice Maker

Used Maja Fresh Water Flake Ice Maker with: Output rate: 3.4 tons per day Temperature rate: 19.4 degrees Fahrenheit -7 degrees Celsius Ice thickness: dry frozen 0.079...

BXM 434 photo
Maja BXM 434 Loin Defatter

Used Maja BXM 434 Loin Defatter with: Application: defatting pork loins or bacon Output: 800 loins/bacons per hour, maximum High flexibility: suitable for right and left sides of loin/bacon without...

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