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Moline has been leading the industrial bakery equipment industry by innovating to serve our customers’ changing needs.

PPS24 photo
Moline Stainless Steel 4 Head Piston Depositor
Inventory #: G7606

Used Moline Depositor with: Piston filler / depositor Filling heads: Number of heads: 4 (4) 3 inch diameter auger cylinders (2) stainless steel augers split to (2) 1.5" diameter flex...

DSM-1000 photo
Moline DSM 1000 Stainless Steel Sugar Tumbler
Inventory #: G6839

Used Moline Sugar Tumbler with: Tumbler output: Up to 12,000 pieces per hour 1,000 dozen donuts per hour Variable speed Tumbler dimensions (inches): 28 diameter x 72 long Driven by...

42 IG photo
Moline 50 Gal Stainless Steel Icing Glazing Tank
Inventory #: G5660

Used Moline Enrober with: Tank capacity: Liters: 190 Gallons: 50 Agitation: Bottom & sides scrape Cutting blades built into scrape apparatus Includes: ...

Moline Stainless Cross Sheeter and Flour Duster
Inventory #: G4597

Used Moline Cross Sheeter and Flour Duster with: Moline cross sheeter Moline flour sifter Capacity: 5 gallons Stainless steel construction Rotary breaker bar Manual adjustments Electric...

1010 photo
Moline 1010 Stainless Steel Dough Chunker Divider
Inventory #: D7741

Used Moline 1010 Stainless Steel Dough Chunker Divider with Application: moulds dough into sheet the sheeting system 2 Rollers Roller dimensions: 10 inches wide x 10 inches long Hopper...

21.5 inch x 39 inch Moline Sheeter
Inventory #: D5588

Used Moline Sheeter with: Conveyor dimensions: Width: 21.5 inches Height: 39 inches .5 horsepower motor

APU photo
Moline APU Retracting Conveyor
Inventory #: D4785

Used Moline APU Retracting Conveyor with: Length 133 inches x 28 inches wide x 55 inches high to the top of the control box Legs are adjustable Modular Plastic Intralox series 800 flat top belting ...

Moline 3-Roll Stainless Steel Automatic Sheeter
Inventory #: D1890Can Rent

Used Moline Sheeter with: 3 roll dough sheeter Roller diameter: 4.5 inches Adjustable sheeting speed Adjustable dough thickness Allen-Bradley power disconnect switch Stainless steel construction...

Moline 22 Inch Wide Guillotine With Roller
Inventory #: D1245

Used Moline 22 Inch Wide Guillotine And Roller with: Stainless steel construction Includes Roller Powered conveyor 22 inch wide guillotine Twenty two (22) foot total length ...

Moline Sweet Roll Bakery Line
Inventory #: D1181

Used Moline Sweet Roll Bakery Line with: 31 foot long Stainless steel cinnamon depositor Stainless steel streusel depositor Stainless steel cross roller Stainless steel guillotine Stainless...

DSM-1000 photo
Moline DSM-1000 Sugar Tumbler
Inventory #: C5312

Used Moline DSM-1000 Sugar Tumbler with: Stainless steel tumbler and conveyor Tumbler screen hole sizes: oval, 0.5 inch x 1 inch Production rate: 1,000 dozen pieces per hour Application: coating...

10-10 photo
Moline 10-10 Stainless Steel Extruder
Inventory #: C4547

Used Moline 10-10 Extruder with: 10 inch long rollers 32 inch x 32 inch x 24 inch area under extruder for conveyor Reliance Electric Motor and Gearbox Casters Stainless steel construction Small...

Moline Stainless Steel Dough Chunker
Inventory #: C4271

Used Moline Stainless Steel Dough Chunker with: Provides a gentler action than most extruders Easily disassembled for efficient sanitation and maintenance Low stress dough former 2 horsepower motor...

MD330 photo
Moline MD330 Dough Sheeter Line
Inventory #: C3862

Used Moline MD330 Dough Sheeter Line with: 31 inch wide stainless steel conveyor Cinnamon depositor Streusel depositor Cross roller Scrap removal Fat pump Torpedo Guillotine 10 inch...

24 Inch Wide Moline Sheeting Line
Inventory #: C3850

Used 24 Inch Wide Moline Sheeting Line with: Belt width: 24 inches 2 reduction rollers 1 cross roller 1 flour brush 3 flour dusters 1 guillotine 2 torpedoes Assorted Cutters

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