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Mosca offers end-of-line packaging solutions. Mosca develops strapping machines, high-quality strapping materials and complex systems for securing customer's goods in transit.

CTL Series 604 photo
Mosca 2 Head Pneumatic Strapper Unitizer
Inventory #: G3512

Used Mosca Unitizer with: (2) Strapping heads Pneumatic compression: up to 4,000 pounds Load size: Height: 18 - 84 inches Width: 30 - 88 inches Maximum load weight: 2,500 Strapping:...

TRS4 photo
EAM Mosca TRS-4 Case Strapping Machine
Inventory #: D1641

Used EAM Mosca TRS-4 Case Strapping Machine with: Fully automatic Cycle speed: up to 33 cycles per minute (depending on package dimensions) Strapping: .20 inches - .47 inches machine grade polypropylene...

Romp 2 photo
Mosca Romp 2 Case Strapper
Inventory #: A5265

Used Mosca Romp 2 Case Strapper with: Bundle size: 15.7 inches x 11.8 inches Strap width: 5 millimeter fixed 6-12 millimeter adjustable Production rate: Up to...

Ro- MS-4/1 photo
Mosca Model RO-MS-4/1 Strapper
Inventory #: E9856

Used Mosca Model RO-MS-4/1 Strapper with: 5/16in strapping width Aperture is 25in wide x 22in tall Includes foot pedal

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