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Ohlson Packaging manufactures a full range of automatic netweighing and weighcounting machines. Consistent production rates with minimum down time and extremely quick changeover greatly reduce customer's labor costs. Ohlson have designed weighers for the following: Single scale semi-automatic hand bagging or boxing applications for up to 10 bags or boxes per minute. Additional weighing heads can be added as production needs increase.

6M2P-SS photo
Ohlson 6M2P-SS 6 Lane Dimpled Bucket Scale
Inventory #: G7866

Used Ohlson 6M2P-SS Scale with: 6 weighing lanes Dimpled buckets Bucket dimensions: 7 inches wide x 7 inches long x 11 inches deep Syntron HP-1 magnetic vibratory feeders Discharge height: 41...

ROFS-1012-SS-XL photo
Ohlson Packaging Rotary ROFS Pouch Filling Machine
Inventory #: G7686

Used Ohlson Packaging Rotary ROFS Pouch Filling Machine with: Bag size: Width: 8 - 14 inches Length: 8 - 16 inches Speed: up to 35 pouches per minute Maximum filling weight: 8 kilograms...

1XL2-SS photo
Ohlson 1XL2-SS Stainless Steel Bulk Bag Filler
Inventory #: G3684

Used Ohlson 1 x LX-SS Bag Filler with: Stainless steel sanitary bulk bag filler Weighing range: 2 to 50 pounds Output: up to 15 weighs per minute, depending on product and weigh amount Weigh hopper...

602-Reject photo
Ohlson Stainless Steel 6 Lane Linear Scale
Inventory #: G3394

Used Ohlson Linear Weigher with: Number of lanes: 6 Bulk & dribble feeders FMC FT-01-A magnetic feeders Bucket dimensions (inches): 9 x 7 x 8 Stainless steel construction

4L2-PIV photo
Ohlson Packaging 4L2-PIV Linear Bucket Scale
Inventory #: D6713

Used Ohlson Packaging 4L2-PIV Linear Bucket Scale with: 4 head scales 6 pound weight capacity Discharge conveyor: Width: 12 inches Length: 180 inches Height: 17.5 inches 6.5 inch...

Ohlson Packaging Automatic Weighing Machine
Inventory #: D3094Featured

Used Ohlson Packaging Automatic Weighing Machine with: Stainless steel contact parts Eight (8) buckets Scale Accuracy .5 - 1 gram Supply hopper: 1 cubic foot Maximum speed 30 wpm Storage for...

2L2-SS photo
Ohlson 2L2 SS Two Lane Linear Net Weigh Scale
Inventory #: D3455

Used Ohlson 2L2-SS Two-Lane Linear Net Weigh Scale with: Application: filling & feeding dry, granular, free flowing particulate food products by weight 2 lanes, 2 scales Weigh capacity per scale:...

2L2 photo
Ohlson 2L2 Vibratory Linear Scale Feeder
Inventory #: B3202Can Rent

Used Ohlson 2L2 Vibratory Feeder with: Stainless steel dimpled Hoppers from 1/2 pound to 10 pounds PLC input Weighing Range: Typically 1 oz to 5 lbs Max Speed 30 wpm Scale Accuracy ±...

Ohlson 10-head Weigher and Filler
Inventory #: A1320

Used Ohlson 10-head Weigher and Filler with: Last used for a 6 and 8 ounce production filling about 80 tills a minute

Ohlson 2-lane Till Conveyor
Inventory #: A1321

Used Ohlson 2-lane Till Conveyor with:

102 photo
Ohlson Model 102 Weigh Scale and Counter
Inventory #: E7519

Used Ohlson Model 102 Weigh Counter with: Single scale 50# Loadcell Feed trough (hopper) Hopper Dimensions: 50" long x 24" wide x 85 1/2" tall Head Dimension: 50" long x...

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