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Risco is a manufacturer of Food Processing Equipment and Vacuum Stuffers servicing the meat, bakery, dairy, pet food, case ready & value added processors. Risco production includes a wide range of sausage vacuum fillers, total vacuum fillers for filling whole muscle, dry sausages, salami and mortadella products, ground beef lines, sausage linking lines, and meat preparation lines.

RS-5001 photo
Risco RS5001 Continuous Vacuum Stuffer Extruder
Inventory #: G1044

Used Risco Extruder with: Output per hour: Pounds: 1,400 Kilograms: 650 Hopper capacity: Liters: 350 Gallons: 92 Portioning speed: up to 600 portions per minute Bin...

RS 4001 photo
Risco RS 4001 Vacuum Stuffer with Automatic Lift
Inventory #: D8691

Used Risco RS 4001 with: Hopper capacity: 68 gallons Bin lifter Digital vacuum pressure display Touch pad controls Adjustable height Input cone diameter: 40.25 inches Input cone height:...

TR-160 photo
Risco TR 160 Self Feeding Grinder
Inventory #: D7217

Used Risco TR 160 Grinder with: New electrical enclosure and components Plate size: 6.3 inches 30 horsepower motor Tub capacity: 85 gallons Stainless steel construction

PS 4003-165 photo
Risco PS 4003 165 Vacuum Stuffer
Inventory #: D3611

Used Risco PS 4003 165 Vacuum Stuffer with: Portioning range: up to 30,000 grams Portioning speed: up to 340 portions per minute depending on portion size Digital vacuum percentage display Toggle...

RS4001CCS photo
Risco RS4001CCS Vacuum Stuffer Extruder
Inventory #: D1351

Used Risco RS4001 Vacuum Stuffer Extruder with: Hopper capacity: 260 liters Rotating arm in the hopper to help feed product Filling capacity: approximately 5000 kilograms per hour, depending on product...

RS 303 photo
Risco RS 303 Continuous Vacuum Filler
Inventory #: D1400

Used Risco RS 303 Continuous Vacuum Filler with: Ideal for Any kind of meat (ground meat, emulsion, large piece size) Fish Cheese Up to 700 pieces per minute (25 gram portions)...

RS 105 D photo
Risco RS 105 D Vacuum Stuffer
Inventory #: C6401

Used Risco RS 105 D Vacuum Stuffer with: Produces up to 330 pieces per minute Approximate 65 liter (17.17 gallon) hopper capacity Used for delicate filling action of any type of meat product or other...

RS105 photo
Risco RS105 Vacuum Stuffer
Inventory #: C8989

Used Risco RS105 Vacuum Stuffer with: Used for delicate filling action of any type of meat product or other food products Continuous vacuum filler Filling capacity: 2,400 kilograms (5,291.09 pounds)...

4000/220 photo
Risco 4000/220 Vacuum Filler Machine
Inventory #: C4734

Used Risco 4000/220 Vacuum Filler Machine with: Application: processing, filling and portioning meat products Stainless steel construction Touch pad with adjustable controls 2 inch outlet

RS205-260 photo
Risco RS-205-260 Vacuum Extruder Filler
Inventory #: C4275

Used Risco RS-205/260 Vacuum Filler With: Production per hour: 4000 Kg / hour Portioning speed: 620 pieces / minute Filling pressure: 45 bar maximum Installed power: 4.75 kW Hopper capacity: 260...

RS 1040 C photo
Risco RS 1040 C Vacuum Stuffer
Inventory #: B2610

Used Risco RS 1040 C Vacuum Stuffer with: Continuous vacuum stuffer Portioner: 5 to 10,000 grams Linker Stainless steel contact parts Digital display with push button controls

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