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SWECO is a leader in particle separation and size reduction solutions. SWECO has 12 screen and separator manufacturing facilities and over 100 screen and separator service offices surrounding the globe.

LS30 photo
Sweco SS Vibratory Sifter 30" Diameter
Inventory #: G8302

Used Sweco Sifter with: Decks & screens: Number of decks: 2 Screen diameter: 30 inches Includes cover Mounted on base Stainless steel construction

LS30S66 photo
Sweco Model LS30 30" Diameter Double Deck Sifter
Inventory #: G7983

Used Sweco Model LS30 Double Deck Sifter: 30 inch diameter screen Screen material: stainless steel 2 sifting decks 1/2 horsepower motor Lockable casters

US48S66 photo
Sweco 48 inch Stainless Steel Vibratory Separator
Inventory #: G7415

Used Sweco Vibratory Separator with: Diameter: 48 inches 3 Decks and screens 2.5 horsepower motor 1120 rpm Stainless steel construction

LS30S66 photo
Sweco 30 inch Diameter Stainless Steel Sifter
Inventory #: G7125

Used Sweco Sifter with: Diameter: 30 inches 8 inch discharge diameter 21 inch discharge height Stainless steel Casters

ZS24S64HTP3WC photo
Sweco Single Screen, 2 Deck 24"W Sifter with Cover
Inventory #: G7038

Sweco Single Screen, 2 deck, 24 Inch Vibratory Sifter: 24" cover Single stainless steel screen Screen material: stainless steel Two deck .33 hp motor 460 volt

LS18S833P3 photo
Sweco LS 18 Diameter 3 Deck Laboratory Sifter
Inventory #: G4806

Used SWECO Sifter with: Screen diameter: 18 inches Screen material: stainless steel Slider rings and rubber balls prevent product from clumping 3 sifting decks .25 horsepower motor for sifter...

XS48S88 photo
Sweco XS48S88 48 Inch Diameter 3 Deck Sifter
Inventory #: G5488

Used Sweco XS48S88 48 Inch Diameter 3 Deck Sifter with: Distribution frame: 10 inches wide, with 6 nozzle spray rings Cover assembly: domed with velocity reducer and spray Meshless tension ring Perforation...

Vibrecon photo
Sweco 48" Vibrecon SS Separator Screener Sifter
Inventory #: G5501

Used Sweco Sifter with: Application: Separate solids from liquids Segregate dry materials into various sizes Single deck, vibratory Screen size: 48 inches Driven by 2.5 horsepower,...

Vibro-Energy photo
Sweco Vibro Energy 48" SS Sifter Screener
Inventory #: G5498

Used Sweco Sifter with: Single deck, vibratory sifter Application: Separate solids from liquids Segregate dry material into various sizes Screen size: 48 inches diameter Includes...

XS60S1212 photo
Sweco 60" Two Deck Stainless Steel Sifter
Inventory #: G3999

Used Sweco Sifter with: Separates: Particles by size Solids from liquids Decks/screens: Number of decks: 2 Deck/screen diameter: 60 inches All stainless steel contact...

MX40S66KKSDWC photo
Sweco 40" 304 Stainless Steel Sifter Screener
Inventory #: G2739

Used Sweco Sifter with: Decks & screens: Single deck with dust cover Screens: 40 inches diameter 304 Stainless steel construction Includes bolt on stainless steel stand Driven...

Sweco Single Deck 17 Inch Vibratory Sifter
Inventory #: D9508

Used Sweco Screener/Sifter with: Single deck: Vibratory Diameter: 18 inches Includes cover with top infeed Stainless steel construction

S6058108 photo
Sweco 60" Screw Separator Sifter
Inventory #: D7410

Used Sweco Sifter with: Single deck gyratory separator Discharget height: 38 inches 2.5 Horsepower, 230/460 volt, 1200 rpm motor Stainless steel construction mounted on 46" x 64" base on...

SX 60S88 photo
Sweco 60" Vibratory Stainless Steel Sifter
Inventory #: D7406

Used Sweco Sifter with: Single deck vibratory sifter Screen diameter: 60 inches Discharge height: 54 inches Food grade stainless steel contact surfaces Painted factory stand on mild steel "H"...

MX48SS86SDTUH0 photo
Sweco 48 Inch Diameter Vibratory Screen Sifter
Inventory #: D6443

Used Sweco Sifter with: Vibratory sifter Screen diameter: 48 inches Number of sifting decks: 1 Stainless steel construction Motor: 2.5 horsepower

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