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Used Treif Equipment

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Divider 400 photo
Treif 400 Divider Deli Meat and Cheese Slicer
Inventory #: D3514

Used Treif 400 Divider Deli Meat and Cheese Slicer with: Slice thickness: 0.5-25 millimeter Product cut length maximum: 800 millimeter Output: 400 slices per minute, depending on product and product...

2451 CE photo
Treif 2451 CE Divider Slicer
Inventory #: D3396

Used Treif 2451 CE Divider Slicer with: Cut-off thickness: from .5mm to 30 mm Slicing speed: up to 500 rpm Product length: up to 600 millimeters Product width: up to 280 millimeters Product height...

Treif FLEXON LV Dicer
Inventory #: C8819R

Used Treif Flexon Dicer with: Stainless steel construction One set of blades (grid) Ergonomic one hand operating suystem for closing the product loading chamber Choice between continuous and intermittent...

Puma CE-700F photo
Treif Puma CE-700F
Inventory #: C9336

Used Treif Puma CE 700 F Meat Slicer with: Application: slicing a wide variety of meat Slicing range is 0-70mm (2.8") Previously used for pork loins 4.62 horsepower motor Push button and...

Felix photo
Treif Felix Compact Dicing and Cutting Machine
Inventory #: C5085

Used Treif Felix Compact Dicing and Cutting Machine with Application: dices and cuts strips of products such as meat, sausage, bacon, ham, fish cheese, vegetables and fruit Production: up to 1,764 pounds...

Divider 400 photo
Treif 400 Divider Slicer
Inventory #: C4276R

Used Treif 400 Divider Slicer with: Can run meat without bones, sausages, cheese or fish Maximum deposit length: 31.5 inches Maximum diameter deposit: 11 inches long x 6.2 inches wide Slice thickness...

Economic 400 photo
Treif Divider Economic 400 Slicer for Meat-Cheese
Inventory #: B8576

Used Treif Divider 400 Stack/Shingle Slicer with: 1,600 cuts/minute Vertical product feed area 11 inches wide 6.25 inches wide 33.5 inches long Includes two teflon coated...

0593 photo
Treif 0593 Slicer
Inventory #: A3981

Used Treif 0593 Slicer with: Stainless steel construction Electrical disconnect switch Push button controls Clockwise spinning blade Able to adjust blade speed and infeed speed 177.8 millimeters...

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