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Westfalia Technologies, Inc. Westfalia Technologies, Inc. is a leading provider of logistics solutions for plants, warehouses and distribution centers. Westfalia has helped companies in the food, beverage, chemical and other major industries to optimize warehouse processes and maximize efficiencies and savings.

SIH 10 007 photo
Westfalia SIH 10 007 Quark Separator
Inventory #: G3033

Used Westfalia SIH 10 007 Quark Separator with: Separates whey from cultured products Can be used for yogurt, cheese, and cream cheese 5,000 liters per hour 11,000 pounds per hour Liquid to liquid...

CSC-20-06-476 photo
GEA Westfalia CSC 20 Disc Stack Centrifuge
Inventory #: D8077

Used GEA Westfalia CSC 20 Disc Stack Centrifuge with: Bowl speed: 8340 RPM Bowl volume: 8 liters Bowl solids capacity: 4 liters Operating flow range: 0 - 50 liters per minute Product flow range:...

CA 755-71-32 photo
Westfalia CA-755-71-32 Decanter Centrifuge
Inventory #: D6136

Used Westfalia CA-755-71-32 Decanter Centrifuge with: Application: used for separating pulp or fibre from fruits and vegetables Bowl Diameter: 400 millimeters Maximum bowl speed: up to 2600 rotations...

RSA 60-01-076 photo
Westfalia RSA60-01-076 Disc Separator
Inventory #: B3093

Used Westfalia RSA 60-01-076 Disc Separator with: Maximum bowl speed: 6450 RPM 25 horsepower centrifuge Frisham pump Stainless steel contact parts Painted mild steel frame Allen-Bradley PanelView...

KB25-36-076 photo
Westfalia Clarifiers KB25-36-076
Inventory #: A5595

Used Westfalia Clarifiers KB25-36-076: KB25-36-076 solid holding 22.51 liter capacity 7000 L/hr Used for continuous clarification of suspensions

MZA 6-69-905 photo
Westfalia High Shear Inline Mixer
Inventory #: A4722

Used Westfalia High Shear Inline Mixer with: 2" diameter inlet/outlet Threaded inlet/outlet (threads on outside of pipe) All stainless steel contacts 6" diameter x 6" long mixing...

BMSA5000 photo
Westfalia BMSA5000 Melt Tank 620 Gallons
Inventory #: A1483Featured

Used Westfalia BMSA5000 Melt Tank with: Top hatch: 30 inches long x 23 inches wide Main chamber inside dimensions: 78 inches long x 40-1/4 inch wide x 39-1/2 inch Feed-chute inside dimensions: 32 inches...

OAS-27-02-066 photo
Westfalla Centrifuge/Clarifier Model OAS27-02-066
Inventory #: E6818

Used Westfalla Centrifuge/Clarifier Model OAS27-02-066 with : Type OSA7-02-066 1981 Funke (component (German Manufacturer) Type CCP501-2-0 Baujahr 1984 (German...

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