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ADW-423R photo
Yamato ADW-423R Data Weigh Combination Scale
Inventory #: D5097Rental Option

Used Hayssen/Yamato ADW-423R Data Weigh Automatic Scale with: Hayssen/Yamato ADW-423R data weigh automatic scale Size approximately 82 inches length x 78 inches wide 120 inches height Outfeed...

ADW-123RB photo
Yamato ADW-123RB CCW Combination Scale Weigher
Inventory #: D3902Rental Option

Used Yamato CCW scale with: Yamato Dataweigh ADW-123RB Computer Combination Weigher 9 weighing heads Smooth, stainless steel buckets Maximum weigh amount: 1,000 grams ...

ADW-323-RB photo
Yamato ADW-323-RB Multihead Weigher
Inventory #: D2399

Used Yamato ADW-323-RB Multihead Weigher with: 14 stainless steel dimple finish buckets Dispensing capacity: .28 to 35 ounces RCU-412 touch screen control panel and printer Eriez HS42 vibrator feeder...

ADW 514SD photo
Yamato ADW 514SD Combination Weigher
Inventory #: D1438

Used Yamato ADW-514SD Combination Weigher with: Fourteen (14) weighing heads Weight range Eight (8) grams to 1,000 grams 140 weights per minute Single discharge Easily removable...

ADW714MWH photo
Yamato Dataweigh 14 Head Combination Scale
Inventory #: D1278

Used Yamato Dataweigh 14 Head Combination Scale with: Fourteen (14) weigh heads with memory buckets 28 gram to 3,000 gram range Configured for dual-discharge operation to act like two 14 head scales...

CK02L-A0 photo
Yamato CK02L-A0 Checkweigher
Inventory #: C9387

Used Yamato CK02L-A0 Checkweigher with: Measuring range: 10 grams - 200 grams Speed: up to 80 inches per minute Variable speed controls touch-pad type controls Adjustable height

ADW-510A photo
Yamato Dataweigh ADW-510A CCW Scale
Inventory #: C6949Rental Option

Used Yamato Dataweigh ADW-510A CCW Scale with: Combination weigh scale Perfect for installation above tray line, cup filler or horizontal form fill and seal thermoformer like Multivac or Tiromat 10...

ADW-814SWH photo
Yamato ADW-814SWH 14 Head Scales
Inventory #: C7297

Used Yamato ADW-814SWH 14 Head Scales with: (2) 14 head scales Stainless steel construction Dimpled surfaces Large, 8 liter buckets (2.11 gallons) - perfect for big bags Product weighing range:...

ADW514-SN photo
Yamato ADW514-SN 14 Head Scale
Inventory #: C7215

Used Yamato ADW514-SN 14 Head Scale with: Capabilities: 4 grams to 500 grams (0.14 ounces to 17.64 ounces) Speed capabilities: maximum 150 containers per minute 14 head scale Smooth buckets

ADW714SW photo
Yamato ADW714SW 14 Head Combination Weigher
Inventory #: C4950

Used Yamato ADW714SW 14 Head Combination Weigher with: Weight range: 20 to 3000 grams (0.71 Ounce to 105.82 ounces) Maximum speed: 90 pieces per minute Stainless steel Wash down 14 heads 7...

ADW-520SWH photo
Yamato ADW-520SWH CCW 20 Head Scale
Inventory #: C4091

Used Yamato ADW-520SWH Computer Combination Weigher with: 20 weighing heads Output: up to 120 weighs per minute Weight range: 20 to 2,000 grams Weighs up to 10,000 pounds per hour Stainless...

2L-S photo
(2) Yamato Scale Actuators
Inventory #: C2122

Used (2) Yamato Scale Actuators with: Designed with use for a 2 liter standard multi-head Yamato scale system 2 units available, quoted price for one unit Units are "brand new, in box"

ADW-323-RB photo
Hayssen ADW-323-RB Vertical Form Fill Bagger Scale
Inventory #: C2098

Used Hayssen ADW-323-RB Vertical Form Fill Bagger Scale with: 12 loading buckets Each load bucket measures 5 inches wide x 5 inches long x 8 inches deep 12 weighing buckets Each weigh bucket measures:...

ADW-410MD photo
Yamato ADW-410MD 10 Head Rotary Combination Scale
Inventory #: B5910Rental Option

Used Yamato Rotary Combination Weigh Bucket Scale with: Model ADW-410-MD 10 Heads Weigh range from 10 grams to 500 grams Infeed size of 4 inches x 4 inches 5 inch diameter outfeed Acme transformer...

GB22 photo
Yamato Pulvis GB22 Spray Drier
Inventory #: A9008

Used Yamato Pulvis GB22 Spray Drier with: 2 kilowatt heater Aspirator: Bypass-type blower Sample liquid feed pump: quantitative peristaltic pump Stirring system: induction motor Compressed...

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