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Yamato Corporation Yamato has been providing weighing and product handling solutions to consumer packaged goods companies of many shapes and sizes. Yamato solutions are comprised of over 100 models of combination weighers with many innovations such as the patented low-count reject system and the Triplex high speed weigher. Other product offerings consist of checkweighers, case packers, depositors and infeed systems.

DL-41 photo
Yamato-Ohkawara DL-41 Fine Particle Spray Dryer
Inventory #: G1714

Used Yamato-Ohkawara DL-41 Fine Particle Spray Dryer with: Application: Used to produce fine particles Maximum water evaporation rate: Approximately 3000 milliliters per hour Spraying system: two liquid...

ADW-514ACC photo
Yamato ADW 514ACC SS Combination Weigh Scale
Inventory #: G2270

Used Yamato Scale with: Number of weigh heads: 14 Speed: up to 120 weighs per minute Weigh range: Minimum: 8 grams Maximum: 1,000 grams Dimpled stainless steel buckets Maximum combination...

ADW-423R photo
Yamato Dataweigh ADW-423R Combination Weigher
Inventory #: G1283

Used Yamato Dataweigh ADW-423R Combination Weigher with: 14 weighing heads Minimum weight: 14 grams Maximum weight: 500 grams First row bucket dimensions: 5 inches wide x 6 inches long Second...

ADW-508SNX photo
Yamato ADW-508SNX 8 Head Scale
Inventory #: D9071

Used Yamato ADW-508SNX 8 Head Scale with: 8 weigh buckets Weight range: 8 grams to 1000 grams Previously ran 908 gram bags of chips at a rate of 15-16 bags per minute 454 gram weighs at 30-34 bags...

ADW-314SD photo
Yamato ADW-314SD 14 Head Combination Weigher Scale
Inventory #: D5859Rental Option

Used Yamato ADW-314SD Combination Weigher Scale with: 14 weighing heads Smooth, stainless steel buckets Product weigh range: 4 - 500 grams Weigh speed: up to 160 weighs per minute, depending on...

ADW-514ACC photo
Hayssen Yamato ADW-514ACC Combination Scale
Inventory #: D8440

Used Hayssen Yamato ADW-514ACC Combination Scale with: Touch screen controller 14 weighing heads Smooth stainless steel Maximum volume: 3,000 ml Weighing range: 500 grams - 1,000 grams

ADW-423R photo
Yamato ADW-423R Data Weigh Combination Scale
Inventory #: D5097Rental Option

Used Hayssen/Yamato ADW-423R Data Weigh Automatic Scale with: Hayssen/Yamato ADW-423R data weigh automatic scale Size approximately 82 inches length x 78 inches wide 120 inches height Outfeed...

ADW-123RB photo
Yamato ADW-123RB CCW Combination Scale Weigher
Inventory #: D3902Rental Option

Used Yamato CCW scale with: Yamato Dataweigh ADW-123RB Computer Combination Weigher 9 weighing heads Smooth, stainless steel buckets Maximum weigh amount: 1,000 grams ...

TSDW-205W photo
Yamato TSDW-205W Combination Dataweigh Scale
Inventory #: D2263

Used Yamato TSDW-205W Dataweigh Scale with: Application: combination scale for producing fixed weight food packages filled with diced meat, pieces of fruit or vegetables Selects an optimal combination...

ADW-323-RB photo
Yamato ADW-323-RB Multihead Weigher
Inventory #: D2399

Used Yamato ADW-323-RB Multihead Weigher with: 14 stainless steel dimple finish buckets Dispensing capacity: .28 to 35 ounces RCU-412 touch screen control panel and printer Eriez HS42 vibrator feeder...

ADW 514SD photo
Yamato ADW 514SD Combination Weigher
Inventory #: D1438

Used Yamato ADW-514SD Combination Weigher with: Fourteen (14) weighing heads Weight range Eight (8) grams to 1,000 grams 140 weights per minute Single discharge Easily removable...

ADW714MWH photo
Yamato Dataweigh 14 Head Combination Scale
Inventory #: D1278

Used Yamato Dataweigh 14 Head Combination Scale with: Fourteen (14) weigh heads with memory buckets 28 gram to 3,000 gram range Configured for dual-discharge operation to act like two 14 head scales...

CK02L-A0 photo
Yamato CK02L-A0 Checkweigher
Inventory #: C9387

Used Yamato CK02L-A0 Checkweigher with: Measuring range: 10 grams - 200 grams Speed: up to 80 inches per minute Variable speed controls touch-pad type controls Adjustable height

ADW-510A photo
Yamato Dataweigh ADW-510A CCW Scale
Inventory #: C6949

Used Yamato Dataweigh ADW-510A CCW Scale with: Combination weigh scale Perfect for installation above tray line, cup filler or horizontal form fill and seal thermoformer like Multivac or Tiromat 10...

ADW-520SWH photo
Yamato ADW-520SWH CCW 20 Head Scale
Inventory #: C4091

Used Yamato ADW-520SWH Computer Combination Weigher with: 20 weighing heads Output: up to 120 weighs per minute Weight range: 20 to 2,000 grams Weighs up to 10,000 pounds per hour Stainless...

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