Used FKI Logistex A-780 High Level Infeed Palletizer

FKI Logistex A-780 High Level Infeed Palletizer
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Equipment Details

Inventory # G4141
Item FKI Logistex A-780 High Level Infeed Palletizer
Category Palletizer
High Level Infeed Palletizer
Manufacturer   FKI Logistex
Model A-780
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Equipment Description

Used FKI Logistex A-780 High Level Palletizer with:

  • A-780 case palletizer is designed for low- to mid- speed palletizing applications. Suited for single line applications in the food and consumer goods industries, the A780 uses high-level infeed and right-angle pattern formation to achieve pattern flexibility. Close-center rollers and a bi-parting apron also give the A-780 the ability to handle a wide variety of case and pallet sizes
  • Compact footprint is ideal for facilities where space is at a premium.
  • A recirculating row pusher is one of several options offered on the palletizer. This feature improves case flow and allows higher palletizing capacities with rates of up to 45 case-feet per minute. It is offered as an alternative to the standard reciprocating row pusher. A new high-speed hoist is another option available for increasing capacity when handling short loads or large cases
  • Recirculating or reciprocating row pusher
  • Previously used to palletize glass bottles
  • Touch-screen operator interface with advanced diagnostics and messaging
  • High-level infeed for overhead conveying or accumulating lines
  • Close-center rollers and bi-parting apron enable handling of a wide variety of cases
  • Up to 45 cases per minute
  • High-level infeed machines have a smaller footprint than comparable low level infeed palletizers
  • Pattern utility software allows for creation of new case patterns from the touch screen
  • Through the A-780's user interface, a pattern timing utility offers the ability to fine tune existing patterns

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Additional Details

Production Output Rate:Up to 50 cases per minute
Palletizer or Unitizer:Palletizer
Amperage:54.47 amps

Product Information

Last Ran Glass bottles

Inspection Details

Location Evansville, IN

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