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Used 100+ Gallons Spiral Mixer Equipment

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Spiral mixers with capacities larger than 100 gallons are best suited for larger batches of dough. Spiral mixers have an agitator that spins in a stationary position while the bowl rotates. A spiral mixer is a quick, efficient tool for mixing dough. Because they only mix one part of the dough at a time, the mixer does not affect the temperature of the dough as much as other types of mixers. Spiral mixers are great for mixing large amounts of dough.

SPI 550 photo
2 VMI SPI 550 120 Liter Capacity Spiral Mixers
Inventory #: C5671

Used 2 VMI SPI 550 120 Liter Capacity Spiral Mixers with: Price is for 2 mixers, 3 bowls, and 1 bowl lift 120 liter capacity (31.7 gallons) per bowl 3 bowls total are included Removable bowls, locking...

SPI 630 AVI photo
VMI SPI 630 AVI Two Speed Spiral Mixer
Inventory #: C5763R

Used VMI SPI 630 AVI Spiral Mixer with: Flour capacity: 66 gallons / 250 kilograms Water capacity: 39 gallons / 150 liters Approximate bowl capacity of 180 gallons Locking with double clamps for...

SP 150 photo
Kemper SP 150 Spiral Mixer
Inventory #: C4206

Used Kemper SP 150 Spiral Mixer with: Two stainless steel mixing bowls Dough capacity: 240 kilograms Bowl carriage Hydraulic raising/lowering of the mixer head and hydraulic bowl locking system...

VMI Mixer Carousel photo
VMI Spiral Mixer Carousel with Weight Scale
Inventory #: C1025

Used VMI Spiral Mixer Carousel with Weight Scale with: Application: 3 stages of mixing and blending with 3 mixing bowls Includes elevator Includes proportionate dough divider Includes 2 channels...

DSPA 280 E Premium photo
Diosna DSPA 280 E Premium Double Spiral Mixer
Inventory #: C1024

Used Diosna 280 E Premium Double Spiral Mixer with: Double spiral mixer with bottom discharge Maximum dough capacity: approximately 615 pounds of dough per batch Elevator to carry bowl 11 feet with...

Major 280 photo
VMI 280 Spiral Mixer
Inventory #: B9698

Used VMI 280 Spiral Mixer: Four bowls included Dough capacity 617 pounds Flour capacity 385 pounds Hydraulic bowl locking Remote control panel

B-160-HD-3-D photo
Nussex B-160-HD-3-D Spiral Mixer
Inventory #: B4387

Used Nussex B-160-HD-3-D Spiral Mixer with: 2 speeds 200 pound flour capacity 352 pound dough capacity 8 hp Comes with three portable bowls Comes equipt with dough hook attachment

Cinelli 352 Pound Sprial Mixer
Inventory #: B4086

Used Cinelli 352 Pound Spiral Mixer: Two timers Stainless steel bowl 2 speeds Guarding

SP 160A F photo
Diosna SP 160 AF Spiral Mixer
Inventory #: B2235

Used Diosna SP 160 AF Spiral Mixer with: Renewed parts: V-belts Friction wheel Wheels for bowls Double spiral Flour capacity: 100 kilograms Dough...

SPI-400 AV photo
VMI SPI-400 AV Spiral Mixer
Inventory #: B2028

Used VMI SPI-400 AV Spiral Mixer: 2 Bowls Maximum capacity is 105 gallons 12 revolutions per minute Black steel spiral tool Stainless steel center post Hydraulic bowl locking...

SP 240 AD photo
Diosna SP 240 AD Spiral Mixer
Inventory #: A9060

Used Diosna SP 240 AD Spiral Mixer with: Mixing spiral and bottom scraper Temperature sensor Motor overload protection PLC control Flour maximum: 140 kg Dough maximum: 240 kg

Moline Spiral Mixer 150 Gallon Capacity
Inventory #: A7408

Used Moline Spiral Mixer with: 150 gallon capacity Fixed bowl spiral mixer Operator guard Timer for consistent mixing

200A photo
Empire 200A Spiral Mixer
Inventory #: A7406

Used Empire 200A Spiral Mixer with: Stationary bowl Splash guard Can mix from 20 to 560 pounds 2-speed Spiral and bowl roation Dough hook attachment

PM08 photo
JH Day Pony Heavy Duty Paste Mixer 125 Gallon PM08
Inventory #: A4598R

Used JH Day Pony Mixer Model PM02 125 Gallon Single Motion SS clam shell guards Motorized tile Squared D limit switch Up/down control on the back side Turning spped on the front side...

SPA 250 photo
Kemper SPA 250 Mixer
Inventory #: A4284

Used Kemper SPA 250 Mixer with: Stainless steel mix spiral (2) 250kg stainless steel bowls

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