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An industrial baler compresses materials into compact bundles for transport. Often, this equipment is used to bale waste such as plastic, corrugated fiberboard, paper, cans and foil for recycling. Simple balers are best for small volumes, while more complex equipment is required for larger volumes. Horizontal balers form bales horizontally, and vertical balers form bales vertically.

62M20SH photo
Economy 62M20SH Horizontal Baler
Inventory #: G9070

Used Economy 62M20SH Horizontal Baler with: Feed hopper: 55 inches wide x 91 inches long 20 horsepower motor Previously used for baling cardboard Semi-automatic bale tie system

M42BC photo
GPI Division M42BC Vertical Cardboard Baler
Inventory #: G8387Featured

Used GPI Division M42BC Vertical Cardboard Baler with: Vertical stockroom baler designed for cardboard Finished bale size: 22 inches x 42 inches x up to 30 inches Bale weight: up to 180 pounds ...

M60CB photo
Harmony M60CB Industrial Vertical Baler
Inventory #: G8032Featured

Used Harmony M60CB Industrial Vertical Baler with: Last used for: cardboard Manual tie system with 6 slots for ties Heavy duty 6 inch cylinder with 3 1/2 inch rod Dimensions of finished bale: ...

HRB-516N photo
Harris HRB 516N Two Ram Horizontal Baler
Inventory #: G8030

Used Harris Baler with: Horizontal, two ram baler Horsepower: 150 Cylinder: Main cylinder: 12 inch bore Ejection cylinder: 8 inches Materials baled: Newspaper Cardboard...

PW3560 photo
American Baler PW3560 Closed Door Full Eject Baler
Inventory #: G7668

Used American Baler Horizontal Baler with: Cycle time: No-load short stroke: 17 seconds No-load full stroke: 25 seconds Horsepower: 30 Main cylinder: Bore: 8 inches internal...

7018867630 photo
Cobalt EPS SC3000 Semi Automatic Compactor
Inventory #: G7186Featured

Used Cobalt EPS SC3000 Semi Automatic Compactor with: Automatic tie system Finished bale size: Variable L x 14.5 inches W x 14.5 inches H Pre shredder motor - 1.5 kilowatts Main motor 15 kilowatts...

2300HDRH photo
PTR 2300HD Vertical Downstroke Cardboard Baler
Inventory #: G7143

Used PTR Baler with: Vertical downstroke baler Average cycle time: 56 seconds Bale size: Length: 60 inches Width: 30 inches Height: 48 inches Weight: up to 1,100 pounds Cylinder...

60 BD photo
Cram-A-Lot 60 BD Vertical Baler
Inventory #: G6872

Used Cram-A-Lot 60 BD Vertical Baler with: Bale size: 28 inches x 60 inches x 36 inches Single cylinder Cylinder length: 48 inches Bales cardboard

CTS7000SS Series TA7000SS photo
Chicago CTC7000SS Trash Compactor w Baler Option
Inventory #: G6718

Used Chicago CTC7000SS Trash Compactor with: Stainless steel cabinet and compaction chamber Cardboard baling capability Loading chute door opening: 20.5 inches x 36 inches Compaction chamber size:...

M66-4 photo
Maren M664 Manual Tie Closed Door Horizontal Baler
Inventory #: G6293

Used Maren M664 Manual Tie Horizontal Baler with: Cycle time: full stroke: 42 seconds half stroke: 20 seconds Feed opening: 58 inches x 40 inches System pressure: 3,000 psi Platen...

1272 HD photo
International Closed Door Baler 1272 HD
Inventory #: G5783

Used International Closed Door Baler 1272 HD with: 30 horsepower motor 7 inch cylinder Hydraulic door latch Feed opening with flared hopper (inches): 30 x 50 Bale size (inches): 72 x 30 x 36 ...

7242WS photo
American Baler 7242WS Horizontal Auto Tie Baler
Inventory #: G5773

Used American Baler 7242WS Horizontal Auto Tie Baler with: 75 horsepower motor 8 inch cylinder 20 horsepower dual fluffer package Wide mouth opening: 72 length inches x 42 wide inches Above ground...

Gemini 3560 photo
Marathon Gemini 3560 Horizontal Closed End Baler
Inventory #: G4683

Used Marathon Baler with: Cycle time: 34 seconds Horsepower: 20 Twin bore cylinders: Diameter: 6 inches each Rod: 40 inches Stroke: 57 inches Bale specs: Full eject Bale...

SE-503042-720 photo
Marathon Horizontal 20 HP Automatic Baler
Inventory #: G4680

Used Marathon Baler with: Cycle time: 21 seconds Horsepower: 20 Cylinder: Bore: 7 inches Rod: 4.5 inches Stroke: 68 inches Bale specs: Side bale eject Weight: 1,200...

M60MD photo
GPI M60MD Vertical Baler with Compact Design
Inventory #: G4542

Used GPI M60MD Vertical Baler with: Low profile vertical baler designed to operate under a standard ceiling Operates under an 8 foot ceiling height Rolls through any 3.5 foot x 7 foot doorway This...

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