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Balers that are configured vertically are typically hand loaded. The wires that go around the bales must be loaded into the baler manually. Recyclables are compressed from the top. After the bale is formed and the door is opened, the bale ejects onto a pre-placed pallet for transport. Vertical balers are useful for businesses that want to save space by compacting bales of recyclable materials.

2300HDRH photo
PTR 2300HD Vertical Downstroke Cardboard Baler
Inventory #: G7143

Used PTR Baler with: Vertical downstroke baler Average cycle time: 56 seconds Bale size: Length: 60 inches Width: 30 inches Height: 48 inches Weight: up to 1,100 pounds Cylinder...

60 BD photo
Cram-A-Lot 60 BD Vertical Baler
Inventory #: G6872

Used Cram-A-Lot 60 BD Vertical Baler with: Bale size: 28 inches x 60 inches x 36 inches Single cylinder Cylinder length: 48 inches Bales cardboard

CTS7000SS Series TA7000SS photo
Chicago CTC7000SS Trash Compactor w Baler Option
Inventory #: G6718

Used Chicago CTC7000SS Trash Compactor with: Stainless steel cabinet and compaction chamber Cardboard baling capability Loading chute door opening: 20.5 inches x 36 inches Compaction chamber size:...

M60MD photo
GPI M60MD Vertical Baler with Compact Design
Inventory #: G4542

Used GPI M60MD Vertical Baler with: Low profile vertical baler designed to operate under a standard ceiling Operates under an 8 foot ceiling height Rolls through any 3.5 foot x 7 foot doorway This...

Model 2300HD photo
Philadelphia Tramrail Co 2300H 60" Vertical baler
Inventory #: G4105

Used Philadelphia Tramrail Co 2300H 60" Vertical baler with: Vertical downstroke baler Produces bales up to 1,100 pounds Dimensional data: Overall: 78 inches wide x 41 inches deep x 152...

DHW-30C HD photo
International Vertical Dual Chamber Textile Baler
Inventory #: G3595

Used International Vertical Textile Baler with: Application: textiles compression Dual Chamber Chamber dimensions: Length: 30 inches Width: 16 inches Height: 60 inches Horsepower:...

V-6030-HD-02 photo
Marathon V-6030-HD-02 Heavy Duty Vertical Baler
Inventory #: G2545

Used Marathon V-6030-HD-02 Heavy Duty Vertical Baler with: Bale size: 60 inches wide x 30 inches deep x 48 inches tall An interlock system is incorporated into the feed gate switch The standard chain...

V60 photo
Bale Tech V60 Industrial Vertical Baler
Inventory #: G1436

Used Bale Tech Vertical Baler with: Cylinder: 6 inches diameter Bale size: Dimensions (inches): 60 long x 30 wide x 45 high Weight: up to 800 pounds Dry cycle time: 58 seconds Platen:...

V-6030-HD photo
Marathon V6030 HD Industrial Vertical Baler
Inventory #: G1433

Used Marathon Vertical Baler with: Drive: 10 Horsepower RPM: 1,750 Bale size: Dimensions (inches): 60 long x 30 side x 48 high Volume: 50 cubic feet Weight: up to 1,100 pounds...

V-7240 photo
Ver-Tech V-7240 Low Profile High Performance Baler
Inventory #: D8390

Used Ver-Tech V-7240 low Profile Baler with: Feed opening dimensions: 72 inches x 28 inches x 40 inches Total bailing force: 98,100 pounds Bale weights: 1100 - 1300 pounds Baling chamber: 40 inches...

3400 photo
Philadelphia Tramrail 3400 LH Automatic Baler
Inventory #: D7935

Used Philadelphia Tramrail 3400 LH Automatic Baler with: Overall Dimensions: 78 inches W x 41 inches L x 152 inches H Cylinder Bore 6 inches Cylinder Rod 3 1/2 inches Feed Height 54 inches Rod...

Flex 5010-E photo
Orwak Flex 5010 E Compact Vertical Baler
Inventory #: D7932

Used Orwak Baler with: Maximum output: Cycle time: 36 seconds Cycles per hour: up to 96 Material baled: Paper Plastics Cardboard Metal & plastic straps Compression...

Hapman Vertical Bag Compactor
Inventory #: D6445

Used Hapman Bag Compactor with Stainless steel construction Dual pneumatic power cylinders Visual “in cycle” indicator Compression delay valve Removable bale forming bucket Safety...

Cram-A-Lot photo
J.V. Manufacturing Cram-A-Lot Vertical Baler
Inventory #: D6119

Used J.V. Manufacturing Cram-A-Lot Vertical Baler with: Overall dimensions: Width: 74 inches Height: 150 inches Depth: 35 inches Load opening: Width: 60 inches Height:...

3600HDLP photo
PTR 3600HDLP 60 Inch Low Profile Vertical Baler
Inventory #: D4801

Used PTR 3600HDLP 60 Inch Low Profile Vertical Baler with: 10 HP 6 inch cylinder 67,850 lbs. total baling force 30” x 48” x 60” bale size Max height is right at 8’

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