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An industrial baler compresses materials into compact bundles for transport. Often, this equipment is used to bale waste such as plastic, corrugated fiberboard, paper, cans and foil for recycling. Simple balers are best for small volumes, while more complex equipment is required for larger volumes. Horizontal balers form bales horizontally, and vertical balers form bales vertically.

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Vertical Baler

Used vertical baler with: Style: vertical Overall dimensions: Length: 36 inches Width: 64 inches Height: 103 inches Painted yellow mild steel construction

DHR-72-LU photo
J.V. Manufacturing Cram-A-Lot DHR-72-LU Vertical Baler

Used Cram-A-Lot Vertical Baler with: Bale size Length: 72 inches Width: 30 inches Height: 48 inches Bale weight: 1100-1400 pounds Cylinder bore: 7 inches Stroke: 48 inches ...

1295 photo
International Closed Door Horizontal 1295 Baler, 30 Hp Motor

Used International Baler with: Type: Horizontal Model: 1295 Max bale size (inches): 72 x 44 x 36 Year: 2001 Cylinder: 7 inches Motor: 30 Hp Hours: 2,942

HCE-4860-48-8 photo
Max-Pak HCE-4860-48-8 Closed-Door Horizontal Baler

Used Max-Pak Baler with: Bale size: Length: 48 inches Width: 36 inches Height: 60 inches Feed opening: Length: 48 inches Height: 60 inches Cylinder: 8 inch bore ...

Gemini Xtreme photo
Marathon Gemini Xtreme Closed-Door Horizontal Baler

Used Marathon Baler with: 20 horsepower motor Full penetration baler Twin 6 inch cylinder Charge box: Length: 35 inches Width: 60 inches Bale size: Length: 30 inches ...

V5-HD-15 photo
Harris V5-HD-15 Vertical Baler

Used Harris V5-HD-15 Vertical Baler with: Bale size: 60 length x 30 width x 48 height (inches) Bale weight: 900-1100 pounds Cycle time: 50 seconds Motor: 15 horsepower Hydraulic pressure: 1800...

DOS/DP2 photo
Consolidated Baling DOS/DP2 Baler w/ 10 HP Motor

Used Consolidated Baling DOS/DP2 Baler w/ 10 HP Motor with: Steel construction 10 horsepower motor included 1 compression cylinder Electrics: Frame: 215TYZ Voltage: 208-230/460 volts Amperage:...

Sierra RB6000CL Portable Logger Baler

Used Sierra Baler with: Applications: automobiles, appliances, lightweight sheet iron Output/capacity: Baling: 12 - 16 tons per hour Logging: 18 - 22 tons per hour Automobile logging: 26...

EX62 photo
Excel Closed Door Horizontal Baler with Infeed Conveyor

Used Excel Closed Door Baler with: Model: EX-62 Twin 6 inch Cross-Cylinders 159k pounds of baling force Feed Opening: 54 x 35 46 second cycle time (full stroke) Removable shear blade with...

VB-60B photo
JV Model VB-60B Vertical Baler

Used JV Model VB-60B Vertical Baler withz; Bale size: Length: 60 inches Width: 30 inches Height: 49 inches Bale weigth: up to 1,000 pounds Average cycle time: 53 seconds Cylinder:...

PTR 3600HDLP Low Profile Vertical Baler

Used PTR Low Profile Vertical Baler with: Bale weight capacity: up to 800 pounds for corrugated Maximum bale size: Length: 60 inches Width: 36 inches Height: 30 inches Cylinder:...

Galaxy photo
Marathon Galaxy Two-Ram Baler with Feed Conveyor

Used Marathon Automatic Baler with: Model: 2R-450-102-W-D Style: two ram Cleated steel-belt feed conveyor Main cylinder: 12 inches Hours: 4,500 Cycle time: No load average of 13.2 seconds...

DC-6343-830M photo
American DC Auto Tie Baler

Used American DC Auto Tie Baler with: Feed opening: Length: 63 inches Width: 41.5 inches Bale size: Length: 44 inches Width: 43 inches Height: up to 72 inches Capacity:...

DC6343-830 photo
American Baler Co. DC6343-830 Vertical Tie Baler

Used American Baler Co. Vertical Tie Baler With: Cylinder: 8 inches Feed opening dimensions: Length: 63 inches Width: 43 inches Bale size: Width: Up to 48 inches Length: ...

Marathon Plastic Bottle or Aluminum Can Crusher and Baler

Used Marathon Baler with: Horizontal side eject baler Cycle time: 21 seconds Finished bale size: Length: 60 inches Width: 30 inches Height: 42 inches Hydraulic cylinder: ...

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