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This type of baler is either either auto-tie or Manual-Tie. An automatic horizontal baler is fed by a conveyor. After the machine dispenses retaining wires, it compacts the material into bales, and then pushes the bales out on rollers. A manual-tie baler requires the retaining wires to be manually placed around the baler. After a bale is formed, the door of the baler must be opened for the bale to eject. Auto-tie horizontal balers are good for large scale projects and places such as recycling plants. Manual-tie horizontal balers work well for smaller scale recycling.

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PAC 4029-730R photo
American PAC 4029-730R Auto Tie Horizontal Baler

Used American Baler: Auto tie function Feed opening: Length: 40 inches Width: 27.5 inches 7 inch cylinder Nominal operating pressure: 3000 psi Bale size (variable): 30 x 43 inches...

5260G-8 photo
Balemaster USA 5260G-8 Auto-Tie Horizontal Baler

Used Balemaster Horizontal Baler with: Feed opening: Length: 59 inches Width: 45 inches Open end to center of chute: 160 inches (3) Bale dogs Shear bear Left side inserter Hydraulics: ...

HRB-8/NF photo
Harris HRB-8/NF 2-Ram Horizontal Baler with Conveyor

Used Harris Baler with: 100 Horsepower Cylinder: Ejection cylinder: 8 inches Compression cylinder: 12 inches 235 PSI ram unit force 198 Tons force 50% Life remaining on liner plates...

Badger 50S photo
Harris Badger 50S 2-Ram Horizontal Baler

Used Harris Baler with: Cycle time: 20 seconds Cylinder: Ejection cylinder: 7 inches Main compression cylinder: 10 inches Baling force: 275,000 pounds Shear blade Feed opening...

TR-12 T100 photo
International Baler TR-12 T100 2-Ram Horizontal Baler

Used IBC Horizontal Baler with: Cycle time: 10 seconds Two (2) 200 Horsepower motors Cylinder: Ejection cylinder: 9 inches Main compression cylinder: 12 inches Baling force: 452,290...

Sierra RB6000CL Portable Logger Baler

Used Sierra Baler with: Applications: automobiles, appliances, lightweight sheet iron Output/capacity: Baling: 12 - 16 tons per hour Logging: 18 - 22 tons per hour Automobile logging: 26...

Max Pak HCE-60-FE9 Horizontal Closed Door Baler

Used Max Pak Baler with: Horizontal, closed door baler Cylinder (less than one year old_" Bore: 9 inches Stroke: 92 inches Full penetration Cycle time: 23 seconds Ram force:...

Max-Pak HCE4860x60-48-8 Horizontal Baler

Used Max-Pak HCE4860x60-48-8 Horizontal Baler with: Main piston: 52 GPM System pressure: 2600/2800 maximum Main cylinder dimensions: Bore: 8 inches Rod: 5.5 inches 64 inches Ram...

1295 photo
International Closed Door Horizontal 1295 Baler, 30 Hp Motor

Used International Baler with: Type: Horizontal Model: 1295 Max bale size (inches): 72 x 44 x 36 Year: 2001 Cylinder: 7 inches Motor: 30 Hp Hours: 2,942

Gemini Xtreme photo
Marathon Gemini Xtreme Closed-Door Horizontal Baler

Used Marathon Baler with: 20 horsepower motor Full penetration baler Twin 6 inch cylinder Charge box: Length: 35 inches Width: 60 inches Bale size: Length: 30 inches ...

HCE-4860-48-8 photo
Max-Pak HCE-4860-48-8 Closed-Door Horizontal Baler

Used Max-Pak Baler with: Bale size: Length: 48 inches Width: 36 inches Height: 60 inches Feed opening: Length: 48 inches Height: 60 inches Cylinder: 8 inch bore ...

Galaxy photo
Marathon Galaxy Two-Ram Baler with Feed Conveyor

Used Marathon Automatic Baler with: Model: 2R-450-102-W-D Style: two ram Cleated steel-belt feed conveyor Main cylinder: 12 inches Hours: 4,500 Cycle time: No load average of 13.2 seconds...

DC-6343-830M photo
American DC Auto Tie Baler

Used American DC Auto Tie Baler with: Feed opening: Length: 63 inches Width: 41.5 inches Bale size: Length: 44 inches Width: 43 inches Height: up to 72 inches Capacity:...

DC6343-830 photo
American Baler Co. DC6343-830 Horizontal Tie Baler

Used American Baler Co. Horizontal Tie Baler With: Cylinder: 8 inches Feed opening dimensions: Length: 63 inches Width: 43 inches Bale size: Width: Up to 48 inches Length: ...

Marathon Plastic Bottle or Aluminum Can Crusher and Baler

Used Marathon Baler with: Horizontal side eject baler Cycle time: 21 seconds Finished bale size: Length: 60 inches Width: 30 inches Height: 42 inches Hydraulic cylinder: ...

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