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Used Bin and Tote Handling Equipment

17 Used Items
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LTS 250 photo
Bartech LTS 250 Bowl Elevator
Inventory #: C7239

Used Bartech LTS 250 Bowl Elevator with: Maximum lifting capacity: 1,000 pounds Stainless steel construction 2015 Model

Bowl Lift Tilt and Dump
Inventory #: C7038

Used Lift Tilt and Dump with; 600 pound maximum load

HLD725 photo
FPEC HLD725 Tote Dumper
Inventory #: C4429

Used Food Processing Equipment HLD725 Tote Dumper with: 3,000 pound capacity Lifting carriage fabricated from 3/8 inch thick formed plate Stainless steel construction Lift and pivot type dumper ...

AB-1634 photo
Bishamon AB-1634 Lift
Inventory #: C4108

Used Bishamon AB-1634 Lift with: 2200 Pound Load area approximately 34.25 inches wide x 50.25 inches long Electrical requirements: 120 Volts 1 Phase 60 Hertz 3200 Relief PSI...

Tip-Tite photo
Flexicon Tip-Tite Box Dumper Tipper
Inventory #: C3429

Used Flexicon Tip-Tite Box Dumper Tipper with: Capacity: 2,500 pounds System has hydraulic power with 2 horsepower motor Designed to elevate and rotate box/tote to 60 degrees beyond horizontal Heavy...

HBU 1500 GMI photo
Meyer HBU 1500 GMI Tote Dumper
Inventory #: C1300

Used Meyer HBU 1500 GMI Tote Dumper with: Approximately 5 foot width Hydraulic 7.5 Horsepower

Hydraulic Pallet Box Tote Dumper
Inventory #: B8971

Used Hydraulic Pallet Box Tote Dumper with: Pallet area: 74 inch wide x 50 inch deep x 50 inch high Control panel located on swinging arm Equipped with hydraulic control levers Compact/compression...

D-109 photo
Uhrden Inc D-109 Hydraulic Tote Dumper
Inventory #: B8978

Used Uhrden Inc D-109 Hydraulic Tote Dumper with: Dump area: 43 inch wide x 52 inch long x 59 inch high Stainless steel construction Features window for viewing process

T & S Tote Dump 52" Wide x 50" Long
Inventory #: B6042

Used T & S Tote Dump with: Platform size of 50 inches long x 52 inches wide x 39 inches tall Outfeed funnel is 48 inches long x 24 inches wide 1.5 horsepower electric motor Corded remote control...

Control and Metering Super Sak Hanger Frame
Inventory #: B4898

Used Control and Metering Super Sak Hanger with: Painted steel construction 6 inch x 6 inch vertical columns Three interconnected sides 12 inches from floor and on all four sides at top ...

HI128SP photo
Hercules HI128SP Tote Dumper
Inventory #: B1478

Used Hercules HI128SP Tote Dumper with: 750 pound capacity Painted mild steel construction Powered lifting and tilting

TC-48-42 photo
Tubar TC-48-42 Cart Dumper
Inventory #: B1621

Used Tubar TC-48-42 Cart Dumper with: 2,000 pound capacity 3 horsepower motor NEMA 12 magnetic starter 4-way solenoid operated Cylinder: double acting with chrome plated rods Dumper control...

Multipurpose Tote Dumper
Inventory #: A7492

Used Multipurpose Tote Dumper with: Rotate over 135 degrees to dump contents Appproximate dump time is 25 seconds Mounted on casters Floor brake Hand control

Used Gaylord Tilter
Inventory #: A6670

Used Gaylord Tilter

Dough Trough Hoist Dumper Motor Driven
Inventory #: A3343

Used Dough Trough Dumper with: Trogh Hoist is used to raise, dump and lower dough troughs for feeding final mixers, dough dividers, or overhead forming equipment Fully guided carriage with heavy-duty lifting...

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