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This type of equipment ensures correct weight of a product for quality control. The product is conveyed, usually by two chains, over a weigh cell, load cell, or strain gauge. If it is too heavy or too light, the checkweigher removes the product from the line. Some checkweighers sort the rejected objects into piles. Usually, this can be accomplished with a push-off rejector, arms or a sharp blast of air that redirects the unfit product. Discharge and infeed conveyors for chain checkweighers can be belt or chain conveyors. Chain checkweighers are commonly used for bottles and boxes.

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Icore AutoCheck 8000 photo
Ramsey Icore AutoCheck 8000 Chain Checkweigher

Used Ramsey Icore AutoCheck 8000 Checkweigher with: Conveyor dimensions: 24 inches long x 4.25 inches wide Load cell area length: 6 inches Chain conveyor Stainless steel construction Push-button...

Autocheck 4000 photo
Ramsey Icore Autocheck 4000 Checkweigher

Used Ramsey Icore Autocheck 4000 Checkweigher with: 4 chain and 1 belt system Product width: 9.75 inches Weightable infeed speed: 200 feet per minute maximum Product statistics display Printable...

AC8000 photo
Ramsey Auto Check 8000 Checkweigher Chain 10" Wide

Used Ramsey Checkweigher with: Speed: 20 - 200 feet per minute Infeed conveyor: Length: 9 inches Width: 10 inches Dual chain weigh cell with silent chain conveyor: Length: 20 inches...

CKSTER photo
All-Fill CKSTER Chain Checkweigher

Used All-Fill CKSTER Chain Checkweigher with: Product max. width is approx. 6 inches 2 sets of 3 chains Stainless steel construction Rated from 10 - 120 packages per minute, depending on product...

8000 photo
Ramsey Checkweigher Model Autocheck 8000

Used Ramsey Checkweigher Three zone system Highly accurate model 8000 series weighing system Entrance metering belt Pneumatic reject system Stainless steel construction Adjustable height ...

Checkmate 2 photo
HiSpeed Checkmate 2 Checkweigher for Small Product

Mettler Toledo High Speed Checkweigher with: 3 separate drive zones with product carrying chains. Zones include pacing belt, weigh platform belt and reject belt Chain is 2.5 inch wide at pacing Chain...

AC8000 photo
Ramsey AC8000 Checkweigher

Used Ramsey AC8000 Checkweigher with: Stand alone pneumatic reject Dual chains

Autocheck 4000 photo
Ramsey Icore Autocheck 4000 Checkweigher

Used Ramsey Icore Autocheck 4000 Checkweigher with: Three strand chain conveyor at weigh zone Touchpad controls All stainless steel construction 110 Volt controls with 90 V Baldor DC Motors

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