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Pipeline metal detectors are used in the food production industries where it is necessary to inspect liquids, pastes and other flowing products as they pass through the processing pipelines. When metal is detected, a reject valve opens, allowing the product with metal to exit. Metal detectors are used to detect even the smallest pieces of metal. They are usually put in a packaging or processing line as a safety check as the products move through the line. Different products require different methods of metal detection.

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Stealth photo
Fortress Stealth 6 inch Diameter Gravity Metal Detector w/ Mobility Frame

Used Fortress Stealth 6" D Flow Through Metal Detector with: Aperture dimensions (inches): Overall diameter: 6 Working diameter: 3.5 Length: 12 (approximately) Infeed height: 59 inches...

SHARK GF200c photo
Cassel Shark GF200c Flow Through Metal Detector 7 3/4"

Used Cassel Shark GF200c Flow Through Metal Detector 7 3/4" with: The METAL SHARK® GF (Gravity Feed) is used for pipelines with free-falling products to detect metal contamination in continuously flowing...

Phantom photo
Fortress Phantom 4" Stainless Steel Gravity Detector

Used Fortress Metal Detector With: Designed for use in free-falling applications to inspect products Diverter reject valve 6 inch to 4 inch coupler Reject alarm Stainless steel construction Electrical: ...

Safeline Passthrough Metal Detector, 4" Opening

Used Mettler Toledo Passthrough Metal Detector With: Infeed: Diamter: 6 inches Outfeed: Diameter: 4 inches Tube: Diameter: 4 inches Length: 48 inches Reject...

Mettler Toledo Passthrough Metal Detector, 4" Diameter

Used Mettler Toledo Passthrough Metal Detector With: Infeed diamter: 4 inches Outfeed diameter: 4 inches Tube: diameter: 4 inches Reject valve Control panel Electrical: 240 volts, 1 Ph, 60...

Safeline Mettler Toledo Pipeline Metal Detector 2"

Used Safeline Mettler Toledo Pipeline Metal Detector 2" with: Pipeline: Inner diameter: 2 inches Length: 27 inches Aperture: Height: 5 inches Width: 5 inches ...

EZ-DSP photo
Eriez EZ-DSP Pipeline Metal Detector 6" Dia Apt.

Used Eriez EZ-DSP Pipeline Metal Detector with: Aperture dimensions: 6 inches Current pipe diameter: 1.875 inches Pip length: 36 inches Pneumatic reject valve Cart mounted with casters Touch...

Safeline Pipeline Metal Detector with Reject Valve

Used Safeline Pipeline Metal Detector with: Aperture dimensions: 6 inches x 6 inches Pipe diameter: 4.25 inches Pneumatic gate dump valve Stainless steel construction Standard module Hardware...

THS/PLMS21 photo
Ceia THS/PLMS21 Pipeline Metal Detector 1.875" Dia

Used Ceia THS/PLMS21 Pipeline Metal Detector with: Pipe diameter: 1.875 inches Aperture diameter: 2 inches Keypad interface Food grade and stainless steel construction Stand mounted Pipe...

Safeline Signature Pipeline Metal Detector, 3" Diameter

Used Safeline Metal Detector with: Application: inspection of liquids, pastes, slurries, etc. Pipeline capacity: Aperture: 3 inches Tube length: 22 inches Tri-clamp S-line fittings ...

0 photo
Cassel Pipeline Metal Detector w 6 Inch Tube

Used Cassel Pipeline Metal Detector with: Automatic reject valve Outside diameter: 8 inches Inlet diameter: 6 inches Through tube length: 36 inches Control box rated for IP66 pressure hose washdown...

DSP-4.25-LPHR photo
Eriez Tube Liquid Metal Detector 2.5 Inch Diameter

Used Eriez Metal Detector with: Last running dairy products Pipeline: Outer diameter: 3.5 inches Internal diameter: 2.5 inches Electric requirements: Voltage: 100-240V Phase: 1...

Cassel 6 Inch Food Grade Pipeline Metal Detector

Used Cassel Pipeline Metal Detector with: 6 inch diameter through tube 36 inches long 8 inch total diameter Pneumatic reject valve Digital touch pad operator Food grade sanitary stainless steel...

Phantom photo
Fortress Phantom Pipline Metal Detector 3" Dia

Used Fortress Metal Detector with: Application: horizontal orientation for detecting contaminants in pumpable foods Diameter: 3 inches Detectable: Ferrous Non-ferrous Stainless steel ...

Safeline TL-125 photo
Mettler Toledo Safeline 3" Pipeline Metal Detector

Used Mettler Toledo Metal Detector with: Pipeline dimensions: Aperture: 3 inches Length: 22 inches Includes reject system Tri-clamp S-line fittings Stainless steel construction

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