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This type of quality control equipment searches for items that are inconsistent with a product. The image comparison looks for anything that is different or abnormal as it goes through the x-ray detector. If it finds something, it will reject the product. X-ray detectors find contaminants such as glass, metal and other items in products. In addition to detecting contaminants, some X-ray detectors can also check the closure, seal and fill level, as well as find damaged packaging, removing any products that do not meet the requirements. They are usually used to inspect finished or packaged products. X-ray detectors help avoid recalls, as they detect problems before items are distributed.

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Stainless Steel Bottle Inspector

Used Bottle Inspector with: Product inspection speed: 225 bottles per minute Product application: glass CT bottles Bottle size range: 100-750 milliliters Touch screen HMI Photo-eye sensor ...

PowerChek 250 photo
Mettler-Toledo Safeline PowerChek 250 X-Ray

Used Mettler-Toledo Safeline PowerChek 250 X-Ray with: Contamination detection: Ensures product safety through the detection of contaminants such as glass, metal, stone and high-density plastic in bulk products...

CL600 photo
FT System's Fill Level Inspection System

Used Fill Level Detector: The FT System CL600 X-ray fill level sensor is used to measure the fill level in metal, glass and plastic containers Output: up to 250 containers per minute depending on application...

ADVCHK300 photo
Mettler Toledo ADVCHK300 8.5" H Aperture X-Ray Machine

Used Mettler Toledo ADVCHK300 X-Ray Detector with: Aperture dimensions: Width: 15.5 inches Height: 8.5 inches Working width: 10.5 inches Conveyor dimensions: Length: 73 inches...

X5 SpaceSaver photo
Loma X5 SpaceSaver X-ray Inspection System

Loma Systems X5 SpaceSaver X-ray Inspection System with: Inspection apperture size: 478 x 180 mm Detection capabilities, depending on materials and application: 316 SS: 0.7 - 1.2mm ...

EZX 420C photo
Thermo Fisher EZX 420C X-Ray Metal Detector

Used Thermo Fisher X-Ray metal detector with: Scan rate: up to 2000 lines per second Maximum product dimensions: Width: 13.4 inches Height: 7.3 inches Aperture dimensions: Width: 15.25 inches...

RAYCON VJT120 photo
Sesotec RAYCON VJT120 Metal Detector

Used Sesotec X-Ray metal detector with: Maximum product dimensions: Length: 7.8 inches Width: 5.1 inches Height: 10.2 inches Working aperture height: 9.4 inches Pass-through interlinked belt...

PowerChek Plus 250 photo
Mettler Toledo Safeline PowerChek Plus 250 X Ray Metal Detector

Used Mettler Toledo X-Ray Metal Detector with: Speed: up to 400 feet per minut Aperature: Width: 20 inches Height: 9 inches Belt width: 17 inches Full color touch screen display ...

Thermo Electron Corp EZX 520 Stainless Steel X-Ray Detector

Used Therno Electron Corp X Ray with: Output: up to 400 packages per minute Aperture: Width: 19 inches Height: 7.5 inches Conveyor belt dimensions: Width: 17 inches Length: 60 inches ...

Dry Roast X-Ray Machine

Used Dry Roast X-Ray Machine with: Detection capabilities: Metal: 0.6-0.8mm Wire: 0.5-0.7mm x 2mm long Glass: 2.0-3.0mm Bone (red meat): 2.0-3.0mm Bone (poultry-application dependent) ...

PowerChek +1000 photo
Safeline PowerChek +1000 X-Ray Detector 40"W x 3"H

Used Safeline PowerChek +1000 X-Ray Detector: Speed: Up to 400 feet per minute Aperture dimensions: Width: 40 inches Height: 3 inches Can detect: Metal Glass ...

HS 7555i photo
Smiths Heimann HS 7555i X-Ray Detector

Used Smiths Heimann X-Ray Detector with: Tunnel aperture: Width: 30 inches Height: 22 inches Conveyor: Height: 29.5 inches Speed: 0.65 feet per minute Maximum load (evenly distributed): 352...

Smart Chek 400 photo
Mettler Toledo Smart Chek 400 X-Ray Inspection System

Used Mettler Toledo Smart Check 400 X-Ray Inspection System With: Detection of contaminents such as glass, metal stone, and high density plastic in bulk products Aperture dimensions: Width: 19 inches ...

XR-Pack 610-80 photo
Eriez Novus XR-Pack 610-80 X-Ray Inspection System

Used Eriez X-Ray Detector with: Aperture dimensions: 6.5 width x 11.8 height (inches) Contaminant identification Product and package mass control Missing or damaged product scans Packaging void...

IQ5 photo
Bio-Rad IQ5 Detection System

Bio-Rad IQ5 with: Fluorescence Detection range: 515 nm-700 nm Excitation range: 475 nm-645 nm Dynamic range: 9 orders of magnitude Dimensions: Width: 11.5" Depth: 23"...

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