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This type of tunnel forwards products through to help cool them so they can then be cut and packaged. Cooling tunnels use blowers to force cooled air (to -20 F) into the tunnel while removing heated air from the parts out the opposite end.

Fleetwood Cooling Tunnel 9' Long x 48" Wide
Inventory #: G9256

Used Fleetwood Cooling Tunnel with: Conveyor belt dimensions: 108 inches long x 48 inches wide Product clearance: 6 inches Discharge height: 38 inches Digital speed display Manual switches ...

ABCO Industries Cooling Conveyor 77" W x 32' L
Inventory #: G9664

Used ABCO Industries Cooling Conveyor with: All stainless steel construction Two tier conveyor system Conveyor dimensions: 77 inches wide x 32 feet long Spray pipe for cooling and top mounted hopper...

Lipstick Cooling Conveyor 12" Wide x 30' Long
Inventory #: G9496

Used Lipstick Cooling Conveyor with: Application: used to cool lipstick Conveyor width: 12 inches Conveyor length: 30 feet Digital display Variable speed controls 3 molds per row Welded...

Uni Pak SS Bottle Warmer/Cooling Tunnel, 8 ft x 24
Inventory #: G8906

Used Uni Pak Stainless Steel Bottle Warmer/Cooling Tunnel 8 ft x 24 ft with: Stainless steel construction Plastic intralox type belting (3) Bell & Gossett centrifugal pumps 15" max product...

California Freezing Equipment Hydro Cooling System
Inventory #: G7877

Used California Freezing Equipment Hydrocooler with: Conveyor: Stainless wire mesh Dimensions: Width: 48 inches Length: 240 inches / 20 feet Extended infeed: 48 inches ...

GEA CFS 5 Tier Stainless Steel Cooling Tunnel
Inventory #: G6911

Used GEA Cooling Tunnel with: Number of tiers: 5 Conveyor: Plastic mat top Dimensions (inches): 177 long x 51 wide Maximum product height: 4.3 inches Infeed height: 82 inches Outfeed...

WC Smith 20 Foot Long Cooling Tunnel w/ Condenser
Inventory #: G4468

Used WC Smith 20 Foot Long Cooling Tunnel with: Aperture dimensions (inches): 18 wide x 1.75 tall Tunnel length: 241 Inches (20 Feet) 10 cooling fans Variable speed drive Adjustable fan speed...

AFE 48" Wide DM 178 3 Zone Cooling Tunnel
Inventory #: G4658

Used AFE 48" Wide DM 178 3 Zone Cooling Tunnel with: Belt width: 48 inches Total Length: 54 feet 24 inches high infeed 24 inches high discharge Three Emerson units as shown in pictures ...

5X40 photo
IH Systems 5X40 Stainless Steel Cooling Tunnel
Inventory #: G4281

Used I&H Spray Cooling Tunnel with: Conveyor: Plastic belt Width: 60 inches Length: 480 inches Driven by 2 horsepower, 575 volt, 3460 rpm variable speed gear motor Tunnel height/container...

Custom 30 Foot Food Grade Cooling Tunnel
Inventory #: G1739

Used Cooling Tunnel with: Product clearance (from top of belt): 4 inches Tunnel aperture: Width: 24 inches Height: 4 inches Conveyor: Smooth belt, food grade Dimensions...

CCT photo
Technicoil CCT Circular Cooling Conveyor
Inventory #: D8866

Used Technicoil CCT Circular Cooling Conveyor with: Tunnel opening: 3.5 inches W x 5 inches H Conveyor width: 4 inches Variable conveyor speed Digital display Touch pad temperature controls...

845-4273 photo
APV Baker 20 Foot Stainless Steel Cooling Tunnel
Inventory #: D8816

Used APV Baker Cooling Tunnel with: Self contained Dimensions: Belt width: 16 inches Tunnel length: 238 inches Includes chilled plate and air (2) compressors Overall length: 312...

SMS Systems Cheese Molding and Chilling System
Inventory #: D7808

Used SMS Systems Cheese Molding & Chilling System with: Maximum output: up to 6,000 pounds per hour Includes: Cooker-stretcher Molder Cooling tank Product discharge flume Heavy...

CMC-5000 photo
Stainless Steel Fabricating Cheese Molder Chiller
Inventory #: D6414

Used Cheese Molder & Chiller with: Applications: mozzarella and provolone cheeses Maximum output: up to 5,500 pounds per hour All long pin form transport chain for 133 count maximum form cooling...

Custom Made Confectionery Cooling Tunnel
Inventory #: D4017

Used Custom Made Confectionery Cooling Tunnel with: Application: custom design for chocolates and chocolate coated items (nuts, biscotti, etc.) Utilizes an air conditioning unit to blow cold air through...

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