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Used Cooling Tunnel Equipment

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This type of tunnel forwards products through to help cool them so they can then be cut and packaged. Cooling tunnels use blowers to force cooled air (to -20 F) into the tunnel while removing heated air from the parts out the opposite end.

SL01350 photo
All Food Equipment SL01350 Cooling Tunnel
Inventory #: D6489

Used All Food Equipment SL01350 Cooling Tunnel with: Unit is 55 feet in length Plastic belt (similar to Intralox), 52 inches wide Height from floor to belt surface: 39" Linear speed, depending...

CMC-5000 photo
Stainless Steel Fabricating Cheese Molder Chiller
Inventory #: D6414

Used Cheese Molder & Chiller with: Applications: mozzarella and provolone cheeses Maximum output: up to 5,500 pounds per hour All long pin form transport chain for 133 count maximum form cooling...

TCF 320 photo
Dedy TCF 320 Cooling Tunnel
Inventory #: D6401

Used Dedy TCF 320 Cooling Tunnel with: Comes with feeder belt Working width: 13 inches Decorating table area: 39 1/2 inches Cooling area: 236 inches Stainless steel construction Belts are embossed...

Opti-Flow photo
FPA Opti-Flow 30' Cooling Tunnel
Inventory #: D4616

Used FPA Cooling Tunnel with: (6) 5 foot modules Full tunnel length: 30 feet Conveyor width: 42 inches wide Adjustable belt speed: 10 - 45 feet per minute Cooling Capacity: 1 ton per module ...

Custom Made Confectionery Cooling Tunnel
Inventory #: D4017

Used Custom Made Confectionery Cooling Tunnel with: Application: custom design for chocolates and chocolate coated items (nuts, biscotti, etc.) Utilizes an air conditioning unit to blow cold air through...

Standard Metal Cooling Tunnel
Inventory #: D2811

Used Standard Metal Cooling Tunnel with: Conveyor dimensions: 6 inches wide x 68 inches long Feed height: 35 inches Tunnel dimensions: 10 inches wide x 7 inches high Locking Casters

Cooling Reel photo
Lyco Cooling Reel
Inventory #: D1324

Used Lyco Cooling Reel with: Application: product is transferred through the reel while being sprayed with cool water Out feed height: 25.75 inches 24 sprayers Stainless steel construction Casters...

18 Head Filler with Cooling Tunnel
Inventory #: C7866

Used 18 Head Filler with Cooling Tunnel with: Conveyor dimensions: 50 feet wide x 3 feet wide 18 head filler Previously used for stick deodorant Can be used for any liquid that has to first be...

Standard Metal Custom Made Bottle Cooling Tunnel
Inventory #: B9762

Used Standard Metal Custom Made Bottle Cooling Tunnel with: Each section of the unit is 6 feet long, 12 feet overall Stainless steel chain mesh belt: 8 feet wide (currently detached) Aperture: clearance...

4600-32001 photo
FPA 4600-3200 Cooling Tunnel Includes Compressor
Inventory #: B7183R

Used FPA 4600-3200 Cooling Tunnel with: Smooth belt conveyor Temperature controlled zones Compressor Food grade conveyor 32 inches wide x 129.5 inches in length Max product height 3 inches ...

2094-BMP5-S photo
JJ Steel 2094-BMP5-S Nitrogen Cooling Tunnel
Inventory #: B3089

Used JJ Steel Nitrogen Cooling Tunnel with: 18 foot long tunnel 25 foot overall length Chain is 68 inches wide 6 inch product height clearance All stainless steel construction Allen-Bradley...

4600-20001 photo
FPA 4600-20001 Cooling Tunnel
Inventory #: B2016

Used FPA 4600-20001 Cooling Tunnel Tunnel: Side by side unit Product passes through the cooler twice, down and back, with a 180 degree turn at the far end 50 feet long Infeed...

Nedco Continuous Cooling Conveyor
Inventory #: A9260

Used Nedco Continuous Cooling Conveyor with: Thirty-one 2.125 inch wide x 144 inch long carry lanes 2 inch wide Delran table top chain conveyor lanes U-bend turn at termination of each lane...

TR 3005/10 photo
Proform TR 3005/10 Cooling Tunnel
Inventory #: A1896

Used Proform TR 3005/10 Self Contained Continuous Cooling Tunnel with: Allen-Bradley SLC 5/05 CPU controls Operators panel with Allen-Bradley PanelView 1000 7 layers of approximate 400mm wide belt,...

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