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This type of tunnel forwards products through to help cool them so they can then be cut and packaged. Cooling tunnels use blowers to force cooled air (to -20 F) into the tunnel while removing heated air from the parts out the opposite end.

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SJI Model 828 SS Bottle Warmer and Cooling Tunnel

Used SJI Bottle Warmer with: Conveyor: Plastic intralox belt Width: 96 inches Length: 336 inches Elevation: 44 inches Allen Bradley VFAC speed controller for belt Maximum product...

Pitco Stainless Steel Cooling Tunnel 30" W x 20' L

Used Pitco Cooling Tunnel with: Air cooled Dimensions: Width: 26 inches Length: 240 inches Product clearance: 2 inches (adjustable) Wire mesh belt conveyor 1/2 Horsepower DC drive...

Stainless Steel Cooling Drum for Soft Candies

Used Cooling Wheel with: Application: to rapidly & uniformly cool high temperature cooked soft confections such as caramel, taffy, nougat, toffee, etc. Wheel dimensions: Diameter: 40 inches...

Nielsen 4 Zone Stainless Steel Cooling Tunnel

Used Nielsen Cooling Tunnel with: Conveyor dimensions: Width: 39 inches Length: 564 inches / 47 feet Cooling sections: Number of sections: 4 (5) Fans per section Cold tables...

3 Zone photo
GC Evans 12 x 36 Feet 3 Zone SS Cooling Tunnel

Used GC Evans Cooling Tunnel with: Production output speed: 600 bottles per minute (3) Three zones Cooling area: 432 length x 144 width (inches) 36 length x 12 width...

KONVKK1400 photo
Kreuter KONVKK1400 Cooling Tunnel for Chocolate

Used Kreuter Cooling Tunnel with: Belt dimensions: Width: 55 inches Infeed: 36 inches Outfeed: 36 inches Covered tunnel belt length: 240 inches Variable speed Compressor Refrigerant:...

Lipstick Cooling Conveyor 12" Wide x 30' Long

Used Lipstick Cooling Conveyor with: Application: used to cool lipstick Conveyor width: 12 inches Conveyor length: 30 feet Digital display Variable speed controls 3 molds per row Welded...

UT. 48 photo
Yutaka UT. 48 Cooling Tunnel 29" Wide Belt

Used Yutaka UT. 48 Cooling Tunnel with: Conveyor belt width: 29.5 inches 7 tiers Smooth top conveyor belt 3 man doors High infeed, low outfeed

California Freezing Equipment Hydro Cooling System

Used California Freezing Equipment Hydrocooler with: Conveyor: Stainless wire mesh Dimensions: Width: 48 inches Length: 240 inches / 20 feet Extended infeed: 48 inches ...

SMS Systems Cheese Molding and Chilling System

Used SMS Systems Cheese Molding & Chilling System with: Maximum output: up to 6,000 pounds per hour Includes: Cooker-stretcher Molder Cooling tank Product discharge flume Heavy...

CMC-5000 photo
Stainless Steel Fabricating Cheese Molder Chiller

Used Cheese Molder & Chiller with: Applications: mozzarella and provolone cheeses Maximum output: up to 5,500 pounds per hour All long pin form transport chain for 133 count maximum form cooling...

5 Foot Long Standard Metal Cooling Tunnel

Used Standard Metal Cooling Tunnel with: Conveyor dimensions: 6 inches wide x 68 inches long Feed height: 35 inches Tunnel dimensions: 10 inches wide x 7 inches high Locking Casters

18 Head Filler with Cooling Tunnel

Used 18 Head Filler with Cooling Tunnel with: Conveyor dimensions: 50 feet wide x 3 feet wide 18 head filler Previously used for stick deodorant Can be used for any liquid that has to first be...

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