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This type of cooler allows for large amounts of temperature controlled space with storage areas. Walk-In and Cabinet Refrigerators store refrigerated food or other perishable goods and are used primarily in the foodservice and food sales industry.

TSSU-72-30M0B-ST photo
True TSSU-72-30M0B-ST Food Prep Sandwich Unit
Inventory #: G6329

Used True TSSU-72-30M0B-ST with: Prep table/salad/sandwich unit Refrigerant: R234A Design pressure: 312 PSIG 140 PSIG 3 door design 6 shelves Top pans: 30 Cabinet dimensions:...

RHT126WREHHS photo
Traulsen RHT126WREHHS 2 Door Refrigerator
Inventory #: G5174

Used Traulsen RHT126WREHHS 2 Door Refrigerator with: Refrigerant: R134A 2 door design Internal dimensions: 21 inches deep x 21 inches wide x 27 inches high Stainless steel construction Casters...

TCGD-50 photo
True TCGD-50 Full Service Curved Glass Bakery Case
Inventory #: G5172

Used True TCGD-50 Bakery Case with: 4 levels Shelf dimensions: 19 inches long x 46 inches wide Refrigerated case 23.8 cubic feet of storage 2 glass back slide doors Sliding doors

ACP6-152-1 photo
Larkin ACP6-152-1 Walk In Cooler 11 Foot x 21 Foot
Inventory #: G5443

Used Larkin ACP6-152-1 Walk In Refrigerator Cooler with: Door dimensions: 54 inches W x 96 inches H Inside dimensions: 126 inches L x 254 inches W x 111 inches H Outside dimensions: 135 inches L x 261...

T-49G-4 photo
True T-49G-4 4 Glass Door Reach In Refrigerator
Inventory #: G5179

Used True T-49G-4 4 Glass Door Reach In Refrigerator with: .5 horsepower motor Refrigerant: R134A Temperature range: 33 - 38 degrees Fahrenheit 4 doors Glass front doors 6 shelves

KolPak 6 x 6 x 8 Foot Walk-In Cooler
Inventory #: G2227

Used KolPak 6 x 6 x 8 Foot Walk-In Cooler with: Copeland R-404 condenser Exterior dimensions: 6 feet wide x 6 feet deep x 8 feet tall Vinyl strip door kit covers the doorway to minimize escape of...

10X30X8-7 Combo photo
Nor-Lake 10X30X8-7 Combo Walk in Cooler Freezer
Inventory #: D8108

Used Nor-Lake 10X30X8-7 Combo Walk in Cooler Freezer with: Two compartments, each with a seperate entrance: a cooler and a freezer Fast-Trak indoor two compartment walk-in 10 foot wide x 30 foot...

True Undercounter Cooler with 4 Cabinets Coolers
Inventory #: D5929

Used True Undercounter Cooler with: Overall dimensions: 48 inch wide x 30 inch long x 36 inch tall 4 pan holder drawers Holder dimensions: 16 inches long x 12 inches wide

T-19F photo
Stainless Steel True Freezer T-19F Refrigerator
Inventory #: D5927

Used True Freezer T-19F Refrigerator with: Inside dimensions: 22 inch wide x 52 inch tall x 19 inch deep Overall dimensions: 26 inch wide x 79 inch tall x 27 inch long Cord length: 9 feet 19 cubic...

36655 photo
Vollrath 36655 Refrigerated Cold Pans
Inventory #: D6486

Used Vollrath 36655 Refrigerated Cold Pans with: Refrigerant: R134A Holding periods up to 4 hours Full-perimeter drip edge 3 pans Standard 12 x 20 inch pan with adapter bats Stainless steal...

TUC-27-ADA photo
True TUC-27-ADA undercounter refrigerator
Inventory #: D6485

Used True TUC-27-ADA Under Counter Refrigerator with: Refrigerant: R134A Holding temperature range: 33 - 38 degree Fahrenheit Cabinet dimensions: Length: 27.5 inches Depth: 30.5 inches Height:...

SUR48-12 photo
Beverage Air SUR48-12 Refrigerated Prep Table
Inventory #: D6481

Used Beverage Air SUR48-12 Refrigerated Prep Table with: Refrigerant: R134A/HFC134A 7.25 ounces Dimensions: Width: 48 inches Depth: 30 inches Height: 42 inches ...

V30RX082 photo
Master Built V30RX082 Single Door Walk In Freezer
Inventory #: D5540

Used Master Built V30RX082 Freezer with: Storage space: 300 cubic feet Single cooling unit Single locking door Interior dimensions: 108 inches wide x 62 inches deep x 82.5 inches high Steel construction...

TA3R-3S photo
True TA3R-3S Three Door Reach in Refrigerator
Inventory #: D2255

Used True TA3R-3S Three Door Reach in Refrigerator with: 3 hinged doors Storage space: 85 cubic feet .5 horse power compressor Stainless steel exterior Refrigerant: R134A

TM-52F photo
True TM-52F Reach-in Freezer
Inventory #: D1217

Used True TM-52F Reach-in Freezer with: 2 doors Capacity: 52 cubic feet Interior dimensions: 23.25 inches wide x 24.5 inches long x 60.5 inches high 6 shelves .75 horse power compressor

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