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This type of equipment is designed to cool a product, and can be configured in either batch or continuous style. A continuous cooler intakes the product at one end of the cooler and releases through the other end. The product is cooled as it travels from one end to the other. A batch coolers requires the product to be placed in the cooler and removed after a certain period of time has passed.

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Pasteurizer photo
30' by 3' MBC Pasteurizer

Used 30' by 3' MBC Pasteurizer with: Approximate conveyor dimensions: Length: 356 inches Width: 3 feet Product height: 1 inch Stainless steel mesh wire conveyor Stainless...

CT-60 photo
Perfect CT-60 Cooling Tunnel

Used Perfect Cooling Tunnel with: (3) sections: Dimensions of each: Length: 121 inches Width: 88 inches Height: 52 inches Independent temperatue control 3 horsepower compressor BTU:...

Drivestation1400 photo
Buhler Drivestation1400 Stainless Steel Cooling Tunnel

Used Buhler Cooling Tunnel with: Dimensions: Width: 55 inches Length: 165 feet (3) booster chambers Conveyor widht: 55 inches PanelView Plus 1000 controls Stainless steel construction Electrical:...

Victory 2 Door Stainless Steel Refrigerator

Used Visctory Refrigerator: 2 stainless steel doors Interior dimensions: Height: 50 inches Depth: 25 inches Width: 46 inches 6 adjustable height wire racks Depth: 25 inches Width: 23 inches...

Casso Solar Technologies Glass Cooling Conveyor

Used Casso Solar Technologies Cooler With: Stainless steel construction Conveyor: Length: 96 inches Width: 48 inches Overall Dimensions: Length: 96 inches Width: 92 inches Height: 105 inches...

SRC Series IV Warehouse Cooler

Used SRC Series IV Warehouse Cooler with: Temperature range: 32-45 degrees Fahrenheit Panel sizes: 4 inches thick high-density extruded wall panels Anthony Model #101 glass doors: Quantity: 40 Dimensions:...

Bush Refrigeration Walk In Storage Cooler

New Indoor Expandable Walk-In Storage Cooler with: Floorless walk-in storage cooler Hinged self-closing access door with light fixture Light switch and thermometer Dimesions: 34 length x 78 height (inches)...

Electrolux Stainless Steel Blast Chiller/Freezer

Used Electrolux Blast Chiller/Freezer: Chill cycle: 200 pounds from 195° F down to 37° F in approximately 20 minutes Freeze cycle: 155 pounds from 195° F down to 0° F in approximately...

M3 Turbo Refrigerator

Used M3 Turbo Refrigerator with: Design pressure high and low: High: 312 psi Low: 140 psi Charged refrigerant Digital temperature display Electrical: Voltage: 115 voltage Hertz: 60 hertz...

Traulsen TU072HT Undercounter Refrigerator

Used Traulsen Refrigerator with: Two doors Interior dimensions: 20 cubic feet Four wire shelves Microprocessor control with LED display Stainless steel construction Side compressor: 0.3 horsepower...

MCBH-12-33-33-H/AC photo
Cincinnati Sub-Zero Micro Climate MCBH-12-33-33-H/AC Humidity/ Temperature Environmental Chamber

Used Micro Climate MCBH-12-33-33-H/AC Environmental Chamber with: Capacity: 1.2 cubic feet Internal dimensions: Width: 16 inches Height: 11 inches Depth: 11 inches Refrigerant type: R-404A ...

Vento Hybrid 375 photo
AHT Vento Hybrid 375 Multideck Chiller System

Used Vento Hybrid System with: 3 separate chiller units 2 end chiller units and 1 center unit Shelf unit lengths: 147.64 inches 98.42 inches Shelf heights: Low: 85.82 inches High: 93.7 inches...

BC-5 photo
Randell BC-5 Blast Chiller

Used Randell Blast Chiller with: Stainless steel front, side, and top Stainless steel interior Electronic control with digital readouts Automatic condensate evaporator On-board temperature recording...

Modular Cooling System

Used Cooling System with: Aproximate dimensions: Interior height: 9 feet 9 inches Length: 51 feet Width: 15 feet Customizable to different specifications Pictured disassembled

23040 photo
IJ White 23040 Spiral Cooling Conveyor

Used Spiral Cooling Conveyor With: Overall approximate diameter: 240 inches Conveyor belt: Stainless steel wire Usable width: 36 inches Product clearance: approximately 5 inches Mounted on aluminum...

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