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Used Evaporator, Condenser, and Compressor Equipment

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In the high pressure parts of a refrigerator, a condenser is used to remove the heat of the hot vapour refrigerant discharged from the compressor. Evaporators coils are used in low pressure refrigerators and cool down air by absorbing heat.

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CGA FC60 photo
Trane CGA FC60 60 Nominal Ton Air Cooled Chiller
Inventory #: D5555

Used Trane Chiller with: 60 Nominal ton air cooled chiller Refrigerant: R22 (4) Scroll compressors @ 15 tons each Evaporator: Nominal size (tons): 60 Water storage capacity: 37.8 gallons...

VS035ADA0E1051S photo
Liebert 10 Ton CRAC Unit
Inventory #: D2683

Used Liebert 10 Ton CRAC Unit with: Three (3) stages Compressor 1 RLA 10 LRA 63 Compressor 2 RLA 10 LRA 63 Refrigerant R-407 C CRAC Computer room...

APV Evaporator
Inventory #: C7260

Used APV Evaporator with: Design temperature: 200 degrees Fahrenheit at full vacuum Test: 70 degrees Fahrenheit at 28" Hg

K0H040H2K photo
Krack K0H040H2K Condenser
Inventory #: C8110

Used Krack K0H040H2K Condenser with: Improved rifled-tube air cooled condenser allows for larger capacity compressors on some bases Increased electrical housing space for defrost, fuses or breakers and...

RWB II 100H photo
Frick RWB II 100H Rotary Screw Compressor
Inventory #: C3703

Used Frick RWB II 100H Rotary Screw Compressor with: Touch-pad controls with display screen Refrigerant: R717 Maximum speed: 3600 RPM Maximum design pressure: 300 PSIG Frick shell chamber

RWB II 134 photo
Frick RWB II 134 Rotary Screw Compressor
Inventory #: C3702

Used Frick RWB II 134 Rotary Screw Compressor with: Touch pad controls Maximum working pressure: 300 PSI at 200 Fahrenheit Minimum design metal temperature: -20 degrees Fahrenheit at 300 PSI Refrigerant:...

5H40 photo
Carrier 5H40 Air Conditioning Compressor
Inventory #: B9953

Used Carrier 5H40 Air Conditioning Compressor with: 50 horsepower 4 cylinder Maximum rotations per minute: 1750 Used as a compressor for air conditioning unit

CRL-A-115-E photo
Reftec LoVac CRL-A-115-E Compressor and Condensor
Inventory #: B9791

Used Reftec LoVac CRL-A-115-E Compressor and Condenser with: 2 horsepower open drive compressor designed to hold up to acids and contaminants that burn normally burn out hermetic compressors Water cooled...

SR-S36-28 photo
GEA Ammonia Compressors
Inventory #: B6950

Used Set of GEA Ammonia Compressors: Motor 400 horsepower Hydrolic test press 620 psi Maximum work press 406 psi Geo swept volume 3550...

LAH1-0310-TAC photo
Copelametic LAH1-0310-TAC Compressor
Inventory #: A9692

Used Copelametic LAH1-0310-TAC Compressor Refrigeration with:

1CVB H 2 588 3 LRB HGU PCV IP PWJV photo
Frigid Coil Evaporator
Inventory #: A5698

Used Frigid Coil Evaporator

DT2S-425-RBA-HGU-LH photo
Krack Corp Evaporator
Inventory #: A5699

Used Krack Corp Evaporator

K 0400M44 photo
Kompact 4 Horsepower Compressor Condenser
Inventory #: E7267

Used Kompact Compressor W/Condenser MedTemp Evaportator With Model:KO 400 Condition: Excellent Medium Temperature Evaportator 6) Available

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