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This type of equipment can use many types of freezing agents such as nitrogen, carbon dioxide, ammonia or special refrigerants. A continuous freezer intakes the product at one end of the cooler and releases through the other end. The product is cooled to a freezing temperature as it travels from one end to the other. A batch freezer requires the product to be placed in the freezer and removed after a certain period of time has passed.

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MBI 2-24-0004-04 photo
Martin-Baron Inc. MBI 2-24-0004-04 Freezer

Used Martin-Baron Inc. Cooler with: Two roll in racks Rack: 14 rows Length: 23 inches Width: 24 inches Distance between each: 2.75 inches Inside dimensions: ...

Airco KF13.230S 10 Tier Stainless Spiral Freezer

Used Airco KF13.230S Spiral Freezer with: Belt width: 13 inches Clearance height: 3 inches Number of tiers: 10 Infeed height: 33.5 inches Discharge height: 15 feet Rated up to 1,500 lbs...

HC 202/100 photo
Irinox HC 202/100 Blast Freezer
Can Rent

Used Irinox HC 202/100 Blast Freezer with: Previously used for ice cream Temperature range: 185 degrees Fahrenheit to -40 degrees Fahrenheit Inside dimensions: approximately 32.4 inches wide x 32 inches...

Advantec CC Freezer photo
JBT Frigoscandia Advantec CC Blast Freezer

Used JBT Frigoscandia Advantec Blast Chilling Freezer with: Application involves a straight belt moving food product through a freezing zone with impingement airflow to keep product shape and minimize dehydration...

UC 1131/G photo
Carpigiani UC 1131/G Ice Cream Machine

Used Carpigiani Ice Cream Machine with: Design pressure: High side, PSIG: 420 Low side, PSIG: 174 Operating pressure: High side, PSIG: 255 Low side, PSIG:18 Fan motor:...

Praxair JE-U4 photo
Liquid Carbonic Praxair JE-U4 Tunnel Freezer

Used Liquid Carbonic Praxair JE-U4 Tunnel Freezer with: Blast tunnel that blows from top and bottom Refrigerant: CO2 Stainless steel conveyor Tunnel dimensions: 264 length x 40 width...

MBI-1-48-0032-03 photo
Martin/Baron Triple Pass Nitrogen Tunnel Freezer

Used Martin/Baron Triple Pass Nitrogen Tunnel Freezer with: Liquid nitrogen multi-pass 1 freezing zone tunnel Maximum product height: 3 inches Three (3) flights: Three (3) belts: 48 inches wide...

Girocompact Frigoscandia GC42083006 NS-CCR Spiral

Used Girocompact Frigoscandia GC42083006 NS-CCR Spiral Freezer with: Production output rate: 1000 kilograms per hour Max product height: 2.5 inches / 65 millimeters Thirty (30) tiers Distance between...

T-23F photo
True T-23F Commercial Reach In Freezer 23 CuFt

Used True T-23F Commercial Reach In Freezer with: Single door Two shelves Cabinet dimensions: 27 inches wide x 29.5 inches deep x 78.375 Motor: 1/3 horsepower Solid door Analog gauges Stainless...

Double Spiral photo
I.J. White SS 2 Tower Double Spiral Freezer 48"

Used IJ White Spiral Freezer with: Double tower spiral freeze system Refrigerant: ammonia Per tower tiers: Number of tiers: 35 Tier surface to surface spacing: 7.75 inches Product clearance:...

Dougs Custom 18 Tier Spiral Freezer 4" Clearance

Used Dougs Custom Spiral Freezer with: Previous application: cooling prepackaged foods 18 tiers High infeed, low outfeed 10 horsepower motor Product clearance: 4 inches Conveyor belt width:...

VP24-3 photo
Cherry Burrell SS Continuous Ice Cream Freezer

Used Cherry Burrell Freezer with: VOGT continuous ice cream freezer Capacity: Minimum: 200 gallons per minute Maximum: 800 gallons per minute At 100% overrun Single barrel Refrigerant:...

Martin Baron Inc. Cryogenic Spiral Freezing System

Used Martin Baron Inc. Cryogenic Spiral Freezing System with: Freezing agent: Designed for CO2 but can be converted to nitrogen Twenty-four (24) tiers Product clearance: 3.5 inches ...

BF-300-SD photo
Cryo-Chem Kryospray BF-300-SD Blast Freezer

Used Cryo-Chem Kryospray BF-300-SD Blast Freezer with: Last used for: cooling chicken and pork from 165 degrees Fahrenheit to 40 degrees Fahrenheit Refrigerant type: Liquid Nitrogen (LN2) Internal dimensions:...

MB1 1-48-0050-01 photo
Martin Baron Inc. MB1-1-48-0050-01 Tunnel Freezer

Used Martin Baron Inc. MB1 Tunnel Freezer with: Cryogenic freezing method Liquid nitrogen gas Flat belt conveyor dimensions: 54 length x 48 width (inches) Infeed height: 36.5 inches...

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